My Boyfriend Is Dating Me Out Of Pity Because He Is Rich Now.

I’m dating this guy that I think he’s dating me out of pity or trying to pay me back the good I did to him.
I met him through his friend at his house for a little get together. He didn’t proposed to me tho but our vibe clicked and we became close friends. We go for a stroll every evening just to talk about ourselves and I realized he finds it difficult financially because at then he had only three tops and two down so I fed him for two months (morning, afternoon, evening) and even buy him data always.

We both weren’t dating so we fell for each other and started dating the third month. Just imagine how I doubled his gift and stuff even when I want sex, I have to lodge a hotel for us because he didn’t have his own room. I told him to change environment maybe things might work out for him, he did and hopefully things changed. After two months, this guy will come back to his old area just to spend with the boys and go home almost empty handed.

My Boyfriend Is Dating Me Out Of Pity Because He Is Rich Now.

He sends me 200gh a month or when he feels like it because I don’t ask him for money. I never mind.
I got sick last December and spent almost a month at the hospital and this guy never visited me nor spent a cent. I got really mad at him after I got better. I asked him for sex and this guy has been giving me excuse so I decided to ask a friend of mine for one round and he didn’t deny me. After some weeks, my guy and I became cool again and he invited me over and I went he asked for my phone and went through he saw I asked my friend for sex and you can imagine what happened next. I begged him for days and we became cool.

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Mind you, I never went to his place empty handed if not foodstuffs his cosmetics and more with my own lorry fare.
I got pregnant for him last month and he asked me to abort it and send me some money for the drug. I did and I had severe bleeding for three weeks and it’s even incomplete abortion so I went to the hospital and they said I have to do D&C. I told him and he said he will send me the money when he gets (500gh). This guy called me the whole day and I couldn’t pick up, I called him back and he became mad and started telling me all sorts of things and said I’m ungrateful. I had it and also told him my mind and blocked him after a week I unblock him just to realize he also blocked me. It’s been three weeks now.

My Boyfriend Is Dating Me Out Of Pity Because He Is Rich Now.
My Boyfriend Is Dating Me Out Of Pity Because He Is Rich Now.

I don’t know whether to put pride aside and call him or just get married because I have three different marriage proposals. They are all my fathers age but very rich. I’m just 22yrs.
At least he should try asking about my condition now.

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