My Boyfriend Has Proposed Marriage To Another Lady.

I’m in a six years relationship with this guy. When we both commenced our relationship, I was just 16 and he was 22.
Everything went on smoothly between us and I was so much happier then. He happened to be the one whom I lost my virginity to.

Now down to the main issue; I noticed some changes which I wasn’t too sure of but I decided to get a clue and vivid evidence before I confront him. I’ve terminated 5 pregnancies for him along the line because whenever I get pregnant, he complained of not being ready and doesn’t want us to go through hell so I complied by him.

I completed SHS barely 3 years now and still toiling to further up since my mother is the only one looking after us and there’s no one to foot my needs. I decided to do little business and gather some money in aiding my momma so that she wouldn’t be the only one doing the hustling.

My Boyfriend Has Proposed Marriage To Another Lady.

My boyfriend is a public worker but not for once does he think of asking me my way forward. It’s been 3 years since I am in the house! I’m not much bothered about that tho. After all he isn’t my father so I don’t blame him much for my misfortunes! He proposed marriage to another lady two months ago whom I find out but haven’t asked him anything yet.

He sends upkeep money, buys credits and other stuffs for the lady. But during our six years of dating, he has never buy me a common handkerchief before. Anytime I’m in need, I dare not ask him because he always tells me he doesn’t have money and moreover he’s saving money to marry me. It got to a time he even told me he isn’t my father to be footing my needs.

My Boyfriend Has Proposed Marriage To Another Lady.
My Boyfriend Has Proposed Marriage To Another Lady.

Somedays, I feel like falling out of love but I’d love him with every fiber in me! I always cries out loud sometimes too. Feeling like I need another man but I don’t have the strength to commence a new healthy relationship. I don’t entertain other men because I always want to be faithful to him even though he hasn’t married me.
Please help a destitute sister on how to handle this situation.

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