My Boyfriend Does Not Show Me Off And I’m Beginning To Think.

I am nineteen and a level 100 student of the university of Ghana. I am in a relationship with a twenty-six years old guy. He hides me, I know why he does and I understand. I am very slim and tinny while he is very muscular and tall. He hits the gym daily and is very active in all he does. He is hardworking, intelligent, caring and above all very funny. He makes me laugh and f**k me without mercy but I love it, I love the fact that he makes me enjoy sex.

We started dating when I was only fourteen. He had patience for me to complete Junior High before he took my virginity. He asked that I attend a day school so he doesn’t have to miss me so much and I did. I declined my father’s decision to go to the boarding house despite the chaos it created at home. I made them believe I am scared and will probably not do well academically. I am a very intelligent girl, I’ve always made my parents and my man proud.

I feel I am a big girl now. I don’t deserve to be hidden anymore. My man barely walks with me. The day he does, he will be talking to me like I am his kid sister or some random kid who doesn’t know what she is about. I have seen people smaller than myself with even more muscular men and they are not ashamed of them. I have long braids, I am educated and intelligent. I have manners, I am beautiful and respectful. I am also nineteen years and this means, I have the right to love and be loved.

My Boyfriend Does Not Show Me Off And I’m Beginning To Think.
My Boyfriend Does Not Show Me Off And I’m Beginning To Think.

He decides when I call him, when to visit him and doesn’t even bother to check on me for 2 – 3 days sometimes. He has assured me that, if I continue to remain faithful to him, we will get married once I graduate. I feel he meant what he said because he really makes me happy when he asks me to come see him. He carries and throws me up like a baby, cuddles and makes me do whatever I want with him. I love his physique, charisma and his intelligence. He is one of a kind and I always pray to God to make him marry me.

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The only problem I have now is; I am getting to know a lot more than I did some years back. I have in a way come to the realization that he is probably just playing me because my roommates make fun of our relationship. When they saw my guys picture, they started to laugh. They said he is not my type and is probably having a main chick. They sound like he is just using me. I don’t know why a part of me believes them. Meanwhile, my man has also told me that, I am likely to encounter bad friends who will say all sort of things to make me cheat on him. I don’t know who exactly is saying the truth. My friends asked why we don’t talk or he barely asks to see me because almost all of them go home to their men, especially on weekends.

My Boyfriend Does Not Show Me Off And I’m Beginning To Think.
My Boyfriend Does Not Show Me Off And I’m Beginning To Think.

We are both here in Accra and he doesn’t ask me to come over. “A guy of his caliber cannot even stay a day without sex my dear, you are just a side chick!”, a friend said. This statement has made me think for a long time. When I finally came across your blog, I thought I should ask you for advice. Is it possible that my man is cheating or he is just preserving me for the future like he always says? Please advise me, I need to put my life in order and not shift my focus. Thank you.

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