Must Read: How I Found Out My Girlfriend Is A Ghost.

So i met this girl around September last year at Nhyiraba Kojo’s spot there. I took her number and invited her her over after someday and she didn’t decline. She came over and we had fun and then i asked her if she’s dating and she said NO.

We started going out and i one day asked her if she’ll be-my girlfriend and she was like if only I’m not dating. I was not dating so fast forward we started this dating thing.

Around mid December, she told me she’s staying with a friend whose boyfriend visits her a lot because he rented the place for her so if i don’t mind, can she come and stay with me? I was more than happy to accommodate her so i just asked her when she’s ready to move in? After two weeks, she told me to come over and say thank you to the friend so she can move in with me and i did just that so she moved in the following week.

Must Read: How I Found Out My Girlfriend Is A Ghost.

So we’ve been together for sometime now and everything seems normal except that she doesn’t eat with me nor eat from street vendors. To her, most of them are unhygienic and it made sense so she does the cooking at home for me.

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I asked her one-day about her family and she said they’re at Tanoso(sunyani) and i followed up with two or more questions about her life. I told her I’ve been there before but didn’t explain further. For me I’ve stayed at Yamfo, a small town which is near Tanaso so i know there very well. We spoke more and she told me where her family lives and more.

So on 15th of this month, a friend of mine invited me to his wedding at Yamfo so i told my lady to come with me so i can at least see her family since she’s staying with me because i didn’t want any future problems. She didn’t show any interest so I went for the program and since i’d be returning the following day, i decided to follow the directions she gave me to her family to at least say Hi.

I got there and asked one lady around for the final directions and she gave me a weird look yet showed me the way. I went there and greeted everyone with a friend of mine. They have us a seat and asked of our mission. I told them she’s my girlfriend and since i was in town, i wanted to pass by and say hi and i was given those weird looks again.

Must Read: How I Found Out My Girlfriend Is A Ghost.
Must Read: How I Found Out My Girlfriend Is A Ghost.

After some minutes of silence, one man asked which of us knows her and i responded that she’: my girlfriend. I added that she wanted to fome but something came up so they know how serious i am.

The man then called me to a room and asked my friend to wait behind. We were 4 in the room and they told me that my girlfriend died because of abortion some 2 and a half years ago so amni sure of what i’m saying.

I showed them her pictures and they confirmed.I have being sweating since. My friend keeps asking me what i was told. I can’t break the news. My heart is currently not functioning well. I don’t know my feelings right now. Seems i’m getting mad and i can’t believe this.

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