Mum Buys 3 Cakes, Bicycles for Her Triplets on Their Birthday, Lovely Video Melts Hearts

A lovely parent made her triplets’ birthday a memorable one as she gave them their gifts in threes. The children were led into a room where the gifts and three different cakes were kept, and they could not hide their excitement.

Many people who reacted to their video said that they would also love to have triplets like the woman. @_shaeedah_2, made her triplet girls feel so special on their birthday. Social media users wished the kids a happy birthday.

After waking them up, the children were ushered into a room that had three different packages and new bicycles. The TikTok clip showed how surprised the triplets were to see the goodies waiting for them. They had to unbox the packages in their bicycles’ baskets quickly.

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