“Molefe Don’t Run” – Video of Man Running Away From ‘Playful’ Pit Bull Has Tweeps in Stitches

Pit bulls are one of the most feared dogs, and one man made that clear when he ran for his life when one chased him.

The video shows the man running, and the owner trying to tell him to stop, as the dog was apparently just playing. Tweeps claim the man did the right thing as they wouldn’t take a chance against a pit bull.

There is no denying that pit bulls are one of the most feared breads of dogs in the world. So, when a man had one start chasing him, he was taking no chances. Twitter account @kulanicool showed a terrified man running from a pit bull.

While the negative stigma attached to the breed is slowly changing thanks to those who are now treating them with love and care, people are still hella weary. Twitter account @kulanicool shared the hilarious clip showing a poor man running for his life as a pit bull chased him. Shame the dog was really having the time of its life.

Tweeps cry-laugh as they feel the man’s fear. Yuuup, it is a straight-up no from tweeps. No matter how often the owner claimed the dog was playing, peeps were right there with the man who fled the scene.

Take a look at some of the funny comments: @ClammyHarambe said: “If it was here in Mzansi you would have heard “foetsek” x 2011. ” @SibukaZulu said: “This is my biggest fear I swear ”

@mbhalakaxa said: “Molefe don’t run” @gift_shiluvani said: “Hell naw boi, Usain Bolt in three seconds, gone.”

@IntombiYoMnguni said: “Ngena chomi, ayilumi”

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