Men Will Disgrace You And Stain Your White Dress.

I was dating this guy for about 2 years. He broke my virginity tho.
We were beginners when we started this relationship thing. After two years of the relationship we were on a date this one time and the waitress came over to serve
us. Apparently the waitress was a girl from his high school days.

They talked for a while (about ) 5 mins and they exchanged contacts. It looked normal to me. When we were in his car going home he received a call from the lady (pearl). We parted ways at my junction and i went home.

I later went to his place and I realized he had changed his passcode and removed my face from the face recognition system. I ignored that although it was wierd. We usually cuddle and talk
and when you receive a message you read your text without hiding it.
You digg??

Men Will Disgrace You And Stain Your White Dress.

So this time he was talking and his phone beeped and he took it and positioned himself in a way that hides the screen.

I asked him what is it and he said nothing. It happend for about 3 to four months untill i was visiting him one day and his neighbor a lady asked me who i was to him. I told her im his girlfriend
And she was like a lady has been coming over to spend the nights here and has been hiding in her room(my boyfriends neighbors room) anytime i come over.

So i was curious. I tried to get his phone to open but to no avail. I later read some stories on jodel and i saw a post about a whatsapp spy app and i texted the guy and he said its 50 cedis and some vpn things.

So i purchased it and even became friends with the guy.
I used the app and lo and behold its the waitress from the date we had.
She sent him nudes that very night. My heart.

So i confronted him about it and he denied even texting the girl.
So i showed him the chats from the app on my phone and he was like its fake and i dont have proof.
And i was like how did i get the girls nudes if it is fake and we argued for a long time and i called this neighbor of his and asked her if the girl in the picture was the one she was talking about and she said yes. In front of him.

Men Will Disgrace You And Stain Your White Dress.
Men Will Disgrace You And Stain Your White Dress.

I wanted to die i just left there and went home and cried all night.
I went back to his apartment the next day and took all my stuff from that place and told him my peice of mind.
Herhhh men. Men will disgrace you.

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Men will disgrace you please. What do you think i can do to him as a pay back?

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