‘Men are not wicked, it is Women’: She Was Using Me To Hold Body.

Men are not wicked, it is the women.

I dated this beautiful lady for two years and in the third, I proposed marriage to her on her birthday which she gladly accepted in the presence of everyone present at her B-Day party. We sang and drunk as everyone celebrated us.

After that day, I decided to officially start performing all rights required. Spoke to my father and he got some elders ready so we go and do the knocking. Told my girl we coming to do the traditional knocking so she should get her parent informed and ready.

‘Men are not wicked, it is Women’: She Was Using Me To Hold Body.

She responded like, “relax. Where are you rushing to? I just accepted your proposal three days ago and you are already coming to knock, give me like a few months please. I’m not that prepared wai”.

I felt so embarrassed and frustrated. How am I even going to inform my father of this brouhaha? Well, I told my Dad we holding on with the knocking because I’ve got some things I need to sort out first. My Dad got so angry. He said, “Dennis, you are 30 already what are you waiting for? You are working and got all you need so what’s the problem?” I got pissed and said I’m just sorting some things out and left.

I didn’t mention it to my woman again for like three months hoping she does but she didn’t until the sixth month then I decided to ask her again. I took her out to a restaurant one evening to have dinner, while eating I asked if she is ready now because I am not growing younger.

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She chuckled and asked if that was why I brought her out to this place to eat. Before I opened my mouth to respond, she had walked away. I didn’t panic. I finished my dinner, took some wine before going to join her in the car. I was really angry. I just did not know what to think of my woman anymore. She is 29yrs and every woman within this age range would be eager to marry, why her?!

‘Men are not wicked, it is Women’: She Was Using Me To Hold Body.
‘Men are not wicked, it is Women’: She Was Using Me To Hold Body.

Well, after three months she came to tell me that she’s travelling outside so she is returning my ring. She doesn’t think we can do this. She claimed I can’t wait for her since I’m so obsessed about marriages so she wants me to move on.

What’s this Helen, I shouted!!?
What are you talking about!?
She dropped the ring and left. I never heard from her again, surprisingly. It shocked me so much. How could this happen?

Last week, I met her, a man and a kid at the mall. I approached them and introduced myself as her course mate. Asked her if she is married now in front of her man and she was like yeah. I said ‘nice family’, shook hands with her husband and left.

After investigating, I discovered she had a kid with the man while she was in school and the man travelled out even before we met but the kid was with his parents. I was surprised! So she was actually with me just to wait for her man or probably marry me if he doesn’t come back for her?

Helen is the reason I am 32 and not married. She wasted 3 years of my life and money. Please Anonymous Tales readers, advise me on what to do because I am going to do something crazy to her family if care is not taken.

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