I Am Aging And No Man Is Coming. Should I Blame My Mother Or My GirlFriend?

My Mother Does Not Want To See Me Married. Why?

I am 30 years old soon to be 31 by August and it all started that when I was 22 years old, my first relationship was about to lead to marriage so I traveled home to tell my mom about the marriage plans because first was to be introduction (note I don’t have dad anymore) she turned it down saying that I was too young for marriage and that led to the end of my first relationship and the cancellation of a potential marriage.

I Am Aging And No Man Is Coming. Should I Blame My Mother Or My GirlFriend?
Men are not proposing to me.

Fastforward, when I was 23yrs I met another guy who also took interest in me and wanted to marry me at first my mom wanted to start her own story of this guy is this and that and I shouldn’t marry from their village but I didn’t even listen to her because of how she scattered my first relationship

I went on dating this guy and when we were about to start preparing for marriage I went home as usual to meet my mom for the introduction arrangements and during our conversations and planning o towards the marriage, I noticed that she wasn’t happy about the whole thing because she just kept on attacking me during our planning.

I was badly hurt and left with a bad mood and that’s all I could remember and on getting back to my destination I became depressed which made me sick for seven good years and the marriage didn’t hold again.

Though I was on treatment, the doctor could not really figure out what was wrong with me and that was when it came to me that it could be a spiritual thing so we started going for prayers upon prayers and taking medications upon medications but I never stopped crying to my God to help out.


To cut the long story short, last year the Lord had mercy on me I finally recovered. Now i am 30 years soon hitting 31 this year. It was during the several prayer sessions i had when i was sick that a prophecy that came that my female friend who had introduced me to my second guy became jealous for the fact that the relationship was leading to marriage so she resorted to deal with me in the spiritual realm with the help of someone in my household.

Men are not proposing to me.
Men are not proposing to me.

Even though I was not able to complete my education due to the sickness, i have managed to learn a skill in fashion designing and that is what i am working with now.

Now my problem now is some people think that i have wastes my time selecting different guys and that’s why i am still single which is never the case and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone though it hurt when they sound that way.

The second problem is that I don’t know weather it’s because I look younger than my age or I have a baby face because i only get proposals younger guys and I would have prefer dating a guy from the age range of 30 to 37 and the maturity level of these young one is nothing to write home about.

I am so confused right now and don’t know weather to stay away from relationships buh i am also growing.

So sorry for the long write up and believe me, writing it out alone got me a little bit of relief already but the men are seriously not proposing. I will be at the comment section reading and taking notes.

Thank you!.

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