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Meet Bernice Dapaah: The Ghanaian Who Invents Bikes Using Bamboo

Bernice Dapaah invents bamboo bikes made in Ghana.

According to the founder of the bamboo bike, it all started from the finding that the bikes used in Ghana were poorly adapted to the needs of the population.

“It’s bikes that we import, that don’t create jobs and don’t develop people’s skills.” “On the other hand, I realised there are a lot of wild bamboo in Ghana, and it was a resource that could be used to make bicycles,” she confides.

Essentially handmade, making the bamboo bike requires little energy, because it involves only a few tools.

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The use of bamboo, the main ingredient for this innovation, makes it very energy-efficient to manufacture. A few small concessions to the industry though, some parts going into the bamboo bike design are not purely natural, but made of recyclable metal.

The bamboo bike is a hit and a sensation in the country. Thirty-five women are now employed in the manufacturing process of these bicycles.

Bamboo, unlike the carbon used by other bike designers, guarantees the user’s comfort, because it has a very appropriate natural flexibility.

By the way, Ghana Bamboo Bikes qualifies its off-road creation and assures that it can be used for sports as well as for everyday use.

Meet Bernice Dapaah: The Ghanaian Who Invents Bikes Using Bamboo

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