Man Destroys 2 Houses He Built for Wife and Mother-in-Law After Getting Dumped.

When Francis Banda’s wife of 13 years walked out of their marriage and got married to another man, the ex-husband was left deeply heartbroken

What pained him the most was the fact that during their union, he had sacrificed and built two houses; one for his wife and another for her mother.

Completely enraged, Banda descended on the two houses and demolished them to the ground piece by piece. Banda enlisted the help of friends to demolish the two houses.

Malawi 24 reports that Banda’s wife recently left him for another man, a development that pained him so much he demolished the houses he built for her and his mother-in-law. Banda was married for 13 years According to an audio recording released by the scorned lover, he had been married to his wife for 13 years and they have three children.

He disclosed that during their marriage, he went ahead to build two houses; one for the wife and another in the village for her mother. Despite his sacrifices, Banda’s wife got into a romantic relationship with another man and recently moved in with him. “At some point, I tried to communicate with my wife but her phone was answered by the boyfriend,” Banda said.

This was the point at which his anger boiled out, leading him to go out and destroy the two houses he had built. Members of the public who learnt about his actions branded the ex-wife as ungrateful and said they understood the man’s decision.

Åk Sàñdfôrè: “I support this called Francis Banda, what a ungrateful woman this is.”

Mac Douglas Soko: “He knows what he is doing. He is the author and finisher of his own works.”

Dev Mak Artist: “Very good, and this is not enough; he should carried away the plot.” Read more.

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