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Man Boldly Storms His Girlfriend’s Home without Invite, Introduces Himself to Her Mum

After he started dating his girlfriend, a young man decided it was time for him to know her house In an interesting TikTok video he posted on Sunday, November 6, on Trenches Relationship. The man boarded a tuk-tuk to the girl’s house.

When he got there, it was the girl’s mother who opened the gate, but surprisingly, her reception of him was nice. The video of a smitten man who stormed his girlfriend’s house unannounced has gone viral.

The young man proudly stormed his girlfriend’s house and introduced himself to her mum. In the short TikTok clip posted on Sunday, November 6, on @infoxpressblog1, the young man said it was the first time of visiting the house. What the young man did could be considered rude by some families because many young people date secretly.

It was, therefore, interesting that the man boldly stormed the house without fear of the consequences. Their conversation was jovial and warm throughout the duration of the visit in the video. The lady came out and hugged her man in a touching way, leaving many people emotional.

Watch the video HERE

Some TikTok users who commented on the video didn’t appreciate how he described his girlfriend’s house. Others insisted that their own mothers won’t take such. See some of the comments below:

@Helen said: “I trust my mom hot water is waiting.”

@Emilia commented: “You didn’t have to go that extreme to say the place was terrible.”

@nakhi said: “Me scrolling through d comments and see no one talking about him saying the place is terrible.”

@user9429813604761 reacted: “I’m crying in my heart right now bro, you don’t know what you have, true love is very difficult to find in this present Nigeria, keep it up.”

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