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Man, 48, Refuses to Marry; Says He Can Cook for Himself

An independent man who inherited his father’s properties and is rich has refused to marry despite persuasion from family. According to a family member, Timothy Obinna, the man said that since he can cook and clean, there is no need for such.

Many Nigerians reacted differently to his decision as some said they love that he is being sincere. A Nigerian man, Timothy Obinna, has stirred massive reactions on Twitter with his comment to a tweet on why financially stable men do not like marrying.

Obinna’s tweet was in response to a tweep, @Makavelli275, who wondered why a man earning $150,000 (N65,577,000) annually would shy away from marriage. A family member said he indeed the man knows how to cook very well. He revealed that he has an uncle who will be 48 years old in 2023 and has refused to get married.

Despite the fact that the man is in money and inherited his father’s properties, he says that he does not need a woman in his life because he can cook and clean very well. Talking about the uncle, Obinna added: “buh I won’t lie that guy cook pass my mum with all sincerity.”

See the post below:

Man, 48, Refuses to Marry; Says He Can Cook for Himself compiled some of the reactions below: @Akinwole_Fenwa said: “I know someone like this too. The man can cook, clean and take care of his visitors. Whenever the issue of marriage is borough up. He’ll say “ewo, ko somo gidi mo nita jor, mi o fe wahala fun emin mi.”

@veraidoko3 said: “I believe he can also have children by himself to inherit his properties so no need for a wife. Nonsense.”

@LivingstoneB5 asked: “I had to look for my dictionary” “You mean … You dey enjoy him cooking/meal pass ya mama own?” Obinna replied: “Bro family has advised him severally to start his own restaurant, as far as am concerned ah never chop food weh deh sweet pass emm own.”

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