Lady twerks in presence of dad at wedding, vanishes after seeing the look on his face

Video drops as a lady twerks in presence of “dad” at wedding, man gives her very bad look and she vanishes.

In a video shared by @876sounds on TikTok has shown the moment a young lady twerked at a wedding in front of her dad who was not having it.

Lady twerks in presence of “dad” at wedding

At the wedding ceremony, the man was dressed in a black suit as he danced gently on the stage with other members of the family.

Immediately the man saw the lady twerked, he stopped his dance and shot the lady a disdainful look. He was even approaching her until a hand stopped her.

The lady seeing the man’s angry face left the dance floor fast. Another lady, presumably a member of the family laughed at the drama.

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