Lady in heels leads men in dance lesson with intense energy; video cause stir

For today’s dose of wholesome entertainment, we have videos for you that is truly special. These are videos of a young lady energy-filled dance moves.

The young lady was captured on camera leading a group of young men at Menscook Catering & Logistics in a dance session as they entertained themselves.

In the clips seen on Instagram, the lady famed as Queen of Salsa takes the young men through some dance steps jamming to Turn Up, a song by Ghanaian highlife singer Kuami Eugene.

Queen of Salsa, who is famed for her unrivaled and captivating skills as a salsa and kizomba instructor, dominated the stage with her stunning modern moves while in heels

The young men followed her steps as they vibed and performed to Kuami Eugene’s banger. Three videos from their rehearsal were uploaded on Instagram, grabbing the attention of social media users.

Watch the videos HERE

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