Jamz, A Playlist: From Labadi, We Search For Better Days With The HIGHEST.

As a normal citizen of ‘Sika mp3 Dede’ republic, man got to do what man’s gotta do right? With my headset on and listening to that timeless album from Sarkodie, MARY, I take a stroll on the shores of the Labadi Beach holding on tight to a King’s Promise.

Met one pretty damsel and her name, Tracy. Damn, She Bad. She stressed a little bit on giving me her number until I assured her that I will soon Confam One Million Cedis and when I do, she’d be surprised to realize that I’m a Cougar.

Does that spreads bad boy vibes? I don’t think so because I’ve promised her Forever and I’ll hold to that. As strong as I am in extra marital affairs, I’ll give it to back to back, side to side till it Over Me and I’ll do that till I’ve Seen a Soul(Cina Soul).

Tracy is a whole vibe and certainly, her Hips Don’t Lie. When I’m done with her inside, I’ll take her to the Country Side hoping to meet a Black Sheriff(Sherif) because these white ones be stressing black folks.

I told you I confirmed One Million Cedis right, that’s exactly how my journey to Better Days started and I bet to jam with my baby Tracy till thy kingdom come.

As announced earlier this week, Sarkodie’s next album titled “Jamz” which he has described as a personal playlist officially drops this Friday, November 11, 2022.

The most decorated rapper is set to quench the thirst of fans and music lovers and we can’t have enough of it already.

Pre-Save Link: >>> http://ziikimedia.lnk.to/jamz-pre-save

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