I’ve Lost Feelings For My Wife And This Is Why.

My wife and I together with our 3 kids live in the United States. Four years ago, my wife started asking for divorce at the least misunderstanding. She took a step further by asking her family members to return the dowry but they refused. Even connived with her ex boyfriend in Ghana to act as her family member to send the dowry to my family in Ghana to end the marriage which backfired after I found out.

She could not point out any tangible reason for wanting a divorce so badly. I involved her family to talk to her but she could not give any reason for wanting a divorce and still insisted on a divorce. It has been the case for the past 4 years. At the least opportunity up to now, she would ask for a divorce. She has even stopped wearing her ring. Honestly, I built my life around her and our 3 kids and have loved her and stayed faithful to her in our 11 years marriage.

I’ve Lost Feelings For My Wife And This Is Why.

As a man, I can confidently say that I am the kind of man most intelligent serious-minded women will want to have as their life partner for life. No need to brag but I am hardworking, caring, kind-hearted, well educated, good career, good looking, disciplined and faithful.
We had a little misunderstanding a couple of months ago. She asked for divorce again to which I quickly responded that she is funny to think that I can’t divorce her because I can replace her with ease and I am going to replace her soon.

I left for a one week business conference in UK the following day. During my 1 week stay in UK, I did a lot of reflection on the whole issue. I then came to the conclusion of granting my wife her much desired divorce on my return to the states. On my return, I realised that my wife has changed and has started being nice and respectful towards me. She’s now teaching the kids and spending more time with them.

I’ve Lost Feelings For My Wife And This Is Why.
I’ve Lost Feelings For My Wife And This Is Why.

This is good news right? But honestly, I don’t care about her anymore (feelings gone). I don’t have any woman in my life or any side chic or whatever anywhere. It has been 4 months since my return from UK to US and she is still acting nice. Now, I don’t know if this sudden change is for real. Should I should give her a second chance or I should go on with granting her the divorce.

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