I’ve Fallen In Love With The Guy I Thrice Rejected.

Fallen in rejected love. I’ve been friends with this handsome guy for about 3 months now.
In fact his friend is also my friend and according to his friend, this guy has been rejecting ladies that throws themselves at him and has always been telling her that he is interested in me.
But it took him more than a year before he even talked to me. This guy is really handsome, when i say handsome, like handsome and very simple lifestyle and ambitious.

Now here is why I said i messed up. We’ve been friends for about 3 months now and he proposed to me in our second month of friendship. Before his proposal, this guy made me like him out of nothing. He’ll call me morning, afternoon and evening. And sometimes escorts me home when i close from work. I’m a mobile money vendor who is about to enter nursing college this year.
After i rejected him the third time, this guy has changed. He no longer calls or texts or even visits me, he hardly answers my calls and even tell me he is busy.

I asked his friend about how he is acting this way and she told me because he doesn’t want to keep me around when he is not dating me. After further investigations, i realized that he is not even having a girlfriend.

I’ve Fallen In Love With The Guy I Thrice Rejected.
I’ve Fallen In Love With The Guy I Thrice Rejected.

I know i rejected him, but i miss his friendship, i miss his calls and the way we move together. He no longer talks about relationship when i call and has always been straight with his answers. I want to date him now because i think he is the one for me.

But i don’t know how to go about it. Just last week he sent me money to buy additional nursing training admission forms.

Although i rejected him, i feel like he’ll take me as a gold digger because why will i prefer to date him now after he helped me buy a new admission forms and fixed my phone for me.

I’ve Fallen In Love With The Guy I Thrice Rejected.

Although i told his friend that I was now interested in him after realizing that he is single, but she said he said he is no longer interested in me.

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But why will he spend 500gh on someone he isn’t interested in?

Please help me with some answers, I’ve fallen for him not because of the money but because i realized that he is not dating and a very good person.

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