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It is Too Small”: Man of God Preaching in Streets Rejects 36 Naira Offering in Viral Video

An evangelist who preaches in motor parks has rejected an offering given to him by a lady he preached to. In a TikTok video posted on Sunday, November 6, the man vehemently refused to take 36 naira given to him.

TikTok users have swiftly reacted to the video with many of them insisting that money should not be the aim of preaching. A Nigerian preacher who plies his evangelism in motor parks has rejected an offering from a young lady.

The Nigerian motor park preacher insisted the 36 naira offering was not a worthy offering. In a video posted on Sunday, November 6, by @youngdrsmilecfr, the preacher was seen arguing as he refused to touch the money.

The young lady told the preacher that she only had 36 naira. He was vehement, insisting that such an offering was too small to be given at all. Talking to the lady from the bus window, the man of God refused to accept the money which he felt was not a worthy offering.

Watch The Funny Moment HERE

The video sparked reactions as many TikTok users rushed to the comment section to bare their minds. See a few of what they are saying below:

@sharp reacted: “Pastor? Which men of God? She owe you?”

@TRENDY said: “The man looks familiar?” @victorekwe said: “As a planet I think we’re going too far.”

@user4108152237086 reacted: “Which pastor be this.”

@bigsammy771 reacted: “If you are not looking down on the man it’s better you don’t give at all.”

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