It Feels Like My Mother And Sister Has An Agenda Against Me.

I’m a 25 years old lady. My mum treats me different from the way she treats my sister. She never appreciates anything I do for her. Since childhood it has been like that. If I make any least mistake, the whole world would hear of it, but let my sister do something worst, nobody hears of it. Even my junior brother was caught with pornography videos and nobody heard about it. It was the same way she treated my cousin who was living with us since childhood . She brings her guys home and my mum will always give negative energy, she always finds fault in her guys.

She did that till my cousin turned 30 and it was still same. With the excuse that she wants her to get a job before getting married. But my biological sister, her daughter got married at age 26 , without a job, she dropped out of the university but my mum had no issue with her marrying. Even the guy she got married to isn’t anything near to the guys my cousin brings home. The guy has no job too but my mum still allowed her marry him, but my cousin’s guys were all comfortable but still wanted her to get a job before marriage, right now my cousin is a single mum and accuses my mum of her singleness .

Mum doesn’t want me to get married too. She’s acting same way towards me and she even asked me one day that nana aba and co that ain’t married, are they dead? ! She doesn’t want to hear me talk about marriage. Even if I’m watching wedding videos, she will pass a comment that ‘why do you like watching these videos are you coming to get married?’’
We went to church one day and the pastor gave a prophecy about seeing me getting married and talking about how my marriage will be sweet, my mum didn’t show any excitement about what the pastor said but rather told the pastor that a job too is important.

It Feels Like My Mother And Sister Has An Agenda Against Me.

But when it’s a prophecy about my sister, she would rejoice as if it happening the next day.
My sister calls me names, tells me I’m possessed in front of my mum but doesn’t mind. She does this always but my mum sees nothing wrong with it. My sister started misbehaving after she got to know where my guy stays and the kind of family he comes from ( well to do).
She and her husband tried everything to separate us, I feel they are intimidated. My guy was teaching me how to drive, she and my mum did everything for me to stop the driving lessons.

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The husband had the guts to call me one day to tell me that my guy will never marry me. That’s not his first time. He did that before and I messed my relationship up and wants to do that this time around. He texted me one day telling how he admires me secretly, (I don’t blame him I blame my sister. )
I found out my sister is cheating on her husband, but I have never used it against her even though she knows I’m aware of it .( found out through her messages) Though I could have used it to shut her up but I did not.

It Feels Like My Mother And Sister Has An Agenda Against Me.
It Feels Like My Mother And Sister Has An Agenda Against Me.

And she still calls me possessed and names just to make my parents feel she is the holiest .
I just fear I might end up like my cousin because of my mum’s behavior. I’m confused and I don’t know what to do .

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