“In This Harsh Economy”: Man Cries Out Online As His Baby Girl Breaks Whole Crate of Eggs

A man has shared his pain on Twitter after his baby girl broke an entire crate of eggs when she snuck into the kitchen. In anger, the dad identified as Vulfang Nwaru asked if there was any daycare boarding school where he could enrol the girl.

Twitter users took to the comment section of the tweet to share their thoughts about the girl’s action. Twitter users have expressed deep shock after a little girl broke an entire crate of eggs in her mother’s kitchen.

Vulfang Nwaru shared photos of the moment the little girl was seen standing and staring at the shattered eggs. The girl’s dad has jokingly said he will enrol the girl in a boarding school for breaking eggs.

Vulfang expressed anger and asked jokingly if there were daycare boarding schools where he could enrol his baby girl. He said if there is such, he doesn’t mind taking out time to visit her every weekend.

That appears to be a way of saying he is tired of the baby girl’s mischief at home.

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He tweeted: “Any boarding daycare around? Will be visiting her every weekend, I don’t mind.” See his full tweet below:

Reactions from Twitter users

@Orji_vee said: “In her little voice ” Shey you dey whine me ni.”

@Loud_life9 reacted: “One create of egg for inside this sapa abeg find salary job for am make she dey go work.”

@miriamifeoma2 said: “One thing with broken eggs is you have to clean it up to a T! Every single nook, else your house will smell like pit. Children are not good people tbh.”

@IAMMILES_D commented: “Ahswear, I will call police. Children are not good people walai. Na the cleaning work dey worry me pass walai. I will just tiptoe, pick my cloth, look around for my wife, she go just hear say person Jam door. Na from door I go shout babe, coman see your child ooo.”

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