I’m Tied To My Ex Husband But I’m In Love With Another Man.

I’ll try my best to cut the long story short because it’s so long.

I got married last year November to a man I love so much although he’s 18 years older than me. This time last year I was pregnant for him but I had a miscarriage. During our eight months courtship before marriage, we had misunderstandings due to the fact that my parents were delaying our marriage because I was just entering 20.

He ended the relationship about three times but because of the love I had for him, I’ll beg his mum and sister to make him come back to me which he did. After marriage, my husband gives me zero attention and love. He never stays home with me. He doesn’t even talk to me. Living with him was hell and boring. I cried for him to change but he replied he wasn’t used to ladies that I’ll get use to it.

I was so lonely and bored though we had everything in the house. Food was not a problem, we had light 24/7 and he opened a business for me which was fetching me money but I wasn’t happy. I began thinking and I got lean overnight. I decided to leave the marriage just after three months of hell, because he told me he’s tired of me.

I’m Tied To My Ex Husband But I’m In Love With Another Man.

They tried to settle the issue but I made up my mind never to go back because it was hell to me. I remember begging him to talk and discuss his plans to me but he would quote the Bible saying ‘briddle your tongue’. But this man flows well with his friends and spends all his time with them even during festive periods.

I was done and fed up. During those months of separation I cheated on him with a guy I don’t love. I tried to forget about my husband but I couldn’t, I just miss him so much. I then came back to beg him. He said he wanted a divorce and he will never accept me back.

At last he accepted me after some months then I confessed to him I cheated during our separation and he became so mad. He said he can’t have anything to do with me or he will die according to the customs of his land. So I move on with life. Since then I’ve been begging him on all platforms but he blocked me everywhere saying God will punish me.

I’m Tied To My Ex Husband But I’m In Love With Another Man.
I’m Tied To My Ex Husband But I’m In Love With Another Man.

I’ve waited for him and I’m fed up. I don’t even want to go back to him because I need a man that will love me. Now I’ve met a young man of similar age begging to be with me but I’m still tied to my ex husband because the bride price has not been returned. I’m starting to have feelings for this young man because he gives me the attention I’ve been craving for. Please what should I do?

Thanks for helping me post.

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