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I’m Sleeping With My Girlfriend’s Mother.

I’m 24yrs and dating a lady that’s 20. The thing is, I’m sleeping with her mom and enjoying it somehow though I wish to stop. She is not too grown, she is just 39 and my girlfriend is her only child. She still looks young and pretty. My girlfriend isn’t suspecting us yet, she is young and naive, probably just happy her mother is okay with her having a boyfriend. I’ve been dating her for two years now.

Her mom and I have been together for almost 17 months now. Yeah, we started our secret affair just a few weeks after her daughter introduced me to her as a friend. I went to visit my girl and met her absence. Her mom asked me to wait for her for a few minutes which I agreed to. She asked if I was really the daughters friend or we in a relationship but I lied that I’m just her friend cuz that’s what her daughter told her we were.

I’m Sleeping With My Girlfriend’s Mother.
I’m Sleeping With My Girlfriend’s Mother.

After about 30mins of waiting, she said her daughter may delay so I should go and come back later. She took my contact to call me and that was is. We started having silly chats till she invited me over one night when my girlfriend was away to school. We had sex all through the night and on so many other occasions. When she later figured I was dating the daughter, she asked that we keep our affair hidden from her because she doesn’t want to hurt her.

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Anonymous Tales.

I love my girlfriend deeply but I am so much in love with her mothers body. The woman is so good in bed. She makes me feel very different when it comes to sex. I don’t even enjoy sex with my girlfriend anymore. Her mother is all I desire sexually.

I’m Sleeping With My Girlfriend’s Mother.
I’m Sleeping With My Girlfriend’s Mother.

Few days ago, the woman asked that we end our affair because her daughter may find out and she may lose her forever. She is scared her only child may never want to see her if she finds out she’s fucking her boyfriend. I have assured her that she’ll never find out but the woman is still upset.
I need your advise sir, what do I do to overcome my drive for this woman or what do I tell her for us to continue this secretly??? Help me, I’m confused!

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