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I’m Scared To Get Married Because Of One ‘Old’ Food I Ate At Level 300.

I am ready for marriage but, I am so scared of trying. My fiancée doesn’t understand but the thing is I slept with a married woman while in level 300.

They were the caretakers of my hostel back then. The woman was a nice person, almost all the students liked her. She was kind and fair to all, male and female. To me, she was like a mother because I was the humblest of all my friends and she always says it.

Sometimes, she will offer me food, money or even help me wash while we chat. There wasn’t a single day she didn’t advise me to stay away from bad guys on campus and avoid ladies. She keeps repeating this statement, ‘women can make or destroy you, stay away from them and get first class for me wai. If you want sex, I will be your sugar mummy. At least, you know I won’t give you any problems’.

I’m Scared To Get Married Because Of One ‘Old’ Food I Ate At Level 300

It used to be funny at first because we both laugh out loud anytime she says that.
I ran errands for her mostly, the husband knew she liked me. He even advised me to continue to be a good boy because most kids get spoilt anytime they reach the university. He gives me his shoes and sometimes shirts. They were nice to me; I could never imagine having an affair with the wife.

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Unfortunately, it happened. It happened one afternoon when I didn’t have lectures. My friends were gone so I was alone in our room. We had this Bluetooth speaker which we often disturbed with. I was playing and dancing to a song when she walked into the room with jollof rice. She actually called me severally but I didn’t hear. She insisted I continue dancing for her to see, I was shy but I tried. While dancing, she grabbed my waist from behind and hugged me. Then she asked if I was never going to consider taking her as a sugar mummy with a giggle. I giggled back, removed her hands, turned to face her and said ‘Ma paaaa’, (really mom?) with a smile.

Before I could say anything, she grabbed my manhood and started caressing my chest. To be honest, I didn’t give in with ease but I eventually did, she touched the right places I guess. I started caressing her face gradually down to her chest. She pushed me down to the bed, took off her trouser and shirt then took mine off too.

‘Is this really happening’, I asked myself! It got better when I started feeling my dick in her throat. I moaned as I held her head and kept pushing it up and down. We switched positions after about 5mins while I lick her too. She couldn’t stop but moan loudly. Next thing I heard was ‘Di me’ (f**k me). I rose gently, rubbed my thing on her clit for a while and gave her a gentle thrust.

I’m Scared To Get Married Because Of One ‘Old’ Food I Ate At Level 300

I couldn’t help but suck her dangling boobs as I move to and fro like a snail. We were really enjoying ourselves when I received a painful slap from behind, it was the husband. We stopped quickly but it was too late. We didn’t turn off the music nor lock the door, that’s how come he caught us.

He said he wasn’t going to take any actions against me but “I will never know peace in my marriage, my children and even their children shall suffer the same fate I have made him suffer”!! He sent the wife away a day after and never spoke to me until he also left about a month later.

I am a grown man now, I have my own business, a home and two cars. I want to get married but I keep remembering his curse and it scares me. I want to discuss it with my fiancée before we marry but I don’t know how.

Please advise me. I have tried to find them but failed severally. I have gone to my alma mater but they don’t even remember their names like myself. All I know is ‘Auntie Vic and Mr. Paul’. Please, help me locate them if you know any ex-care taker of a hostel with such names, please!. Because my whole life is trembling because of one old food i ate.

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