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I’m Pregnant For My Biological Father.

I need your help. I am currently pregnant for my biological father and I want to abort it but I am scared. I am only 19yrs old, I don’t want to die. Please post this for me so your audience can educate me on the dangers involved.

Sex with my dad is bad and I know it. It all started when my mother travelled to Somanya last year. I had just completed SHS so I was managing my mother’s shop in her absence. I have a younger sibling but my mother took him along because they were on vacation. One night after supper, my father started talking to me about his intentions to send me to the university because I am brilliant blah blah blah and that I am the one to change the family’s situation.

I’m Pregnant For My Biological Father.
I’m Pregnant For My Biological Father.

Next thing he said was he doesn’t feel comfortable on the bed alone at night so I should be sleeping by him till mom returns. That very night is when it began. He forced to take my virginity and never stopped till today. Even after my mother returned, this man will always find time to have sex with me. Because he knows I am home and my mother is often out, he will come home from work at strange hours of the day just to have sex with me and return. I haven’t been able to tell my mother because I don’t know how to.

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Anonymous Tales.

Right now, I am pregnant and he is suggesting I abort it before my mother finds out. He has been harassing and threatening me. He said if I insist not to abort it, he will make sure I don’t live to tell the story. I know it’s an empty threat but I am really scared of abortion. I learnt some people die in the act.

I’m Pregnant For My Biological Father.
I’m Pregnant For My Biological Father.

Will I survive it? He brought some drug in a beer bottle. Its dark and very bitter. He said when I am ready to drink it, he will take me to stay in a guest house till all the thing comes out then I bath and come home. I am soo scared. I haven’t slept in days. The pregnancy is not scaring me as much as the abortion. I wish he even takes me to the hospital because the concoction looks dangerous to me. What do I do?

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  1. Anonymous Tales why will the father do this…there’re lot of beautiful single women out🤦🏾there wanting this sex thing…very big disappointment to the wife.
    Best advice is to take her to the hospital together with his wife,that way the girl will be a bit okay.

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