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I’m Loosing My Boyfriend Because I’m Denying Him S*x.

Does s*x really matter in a relationship?
I’m a lady in my late twenties. Earlier this year I met a nice gentleman in his early thirties and we started dating. He’s gentle, caring, funny and loving. He told me about his past; he was in a relationship with a lady for two years and wanted to marry the lady. He had been faithful to her through all the years.He never cheated on her because he got everything he needed from her especially s*x.

But according to him, it got to a point where the lady started denying him s*x, he complained several times but nothing changed. He therefore had an affair outside the relationship and the lady found out and that ended the relationship. Later the lady came back to him but he had moved on so they couldn’t continue. I did some background checks and found out that all he told me were true.

I even got some information from the lady’s friend to confirm that he told me the truth. He told me all this because I asked him what would make him cheat on me and told me that he loves me and he wants to spend the rest of his life with me but he might only cheat on me if I start denying him s*x. According to him s*x makes him comfortable and it also draws him closer to his partner. So unless I’m sick, travel or in my menses I shouldn’t deny him access to my body. We’ve been having s*x from time to time and I must confess that I have never enjoyed s*x like I do with him.

I’m Loosing My Boyfriend Because I’m Denying Him S*x.

He knows exactly where to touch and he makes me feel like a Queen in bed. I’ve met almost every important person in his life. His mom, siblings, friends and even his pastor. He’s really serious about settling with me. But recently I feel like I’m giving him too much of my body so I decided to cut down the number of times we get intimate from once a week to maybe once every two weeks or a month.

Now ever since I started doing that he’s been complaining about it and begging not to change how we were doing it. He fears it might affect how close we are and it can also push him away.
I didn’t take him serious until I noticed some changes in him. He doesn’t call me regularly like he used to. I feel I’m losing him gradually.
Please I need your help.

I’m Loosing My Boyfriend Because I’m Denying Him S*x.
I’m Loosing My Boyfriend Because I’m Denying Him S*x.

I want to know if I can lose him because of this or I should maintain my stand. I told him to understand because I’ll be his after we marry but he doesn’t want to understand.
Am I doing the right thing???
Please help a sister out.

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