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I’m In Love With My Husband’s Younger Brother.

I am having an affair with my boyfriend’s younger brother. My boyfriend is calm and responsible but he is too dull for my liking. His kid brother is the outgoing type, he is funny and more handsome than my man. I want to marry my boyfriend; he is really the kind of man any lady who wants marriage will go for. I am just scared of the future.

His kid brother told me just last week in a hotel not to ever leave his brother because he wants me to remain in the family so he can keep enjoying my sweet coochie. I am scared we might get caught one day. I don’t want to face any shame in the future but, I am also not really ready to stop my secret affair with his kid brother. My reason is, I have told my man severally to up his game.

I’m In Love With My Husband’s Younger Brother.
I’m In Love With My Husband’s Younger Brother.

He is a nice guy, he should just stop being too serious with life and have some time for me. I love attention, I love going out and having more sex. I understand that he is the first born and everyone is looking up to him. He is doing well, he is currently building a two bedroom self-contain, he has a car and a job that is paying pretty well. Even his kid brother whose fees he is paying has chilling money but Opana never does. It’s either work, project or rest every time. I will stop my affair with his kid brother the moment he changes.

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He has promised to make enough time for our family after marriage but for now, he said his interest is in completing his apartment and settling down with me.
I want to be advised on how to go about it. Should I just ignore him and go ahead to take my relationship with his kid brother serious or I should just marry him and continue till he changes as promised?

I’m In Love With My Husband’s Younger Brother.
I’m In Love With My Husband’s Younger Brother.

I know people will rebuke me but emotional trauma leads to depression. My happiness matters too. Sex is just a thing; it takes someone with deeper knowledge to understand that. Thank you!

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