I’m In Love With My Husband’s Best Man.

I am in love with the guy who played my husband’s best man three years ago and we are getting married this month. Actually, we knew each other even before I met my husband in 2017 but we never spoke. My husband moved to the area and unfortunately, they became neighbours and eventually, friends. They were very cool and close as if they knew each other before. He never acted jealous while I was dating my husband so I never knew he had a crush on me.

During our marriage ceremony in 2019, he professed in his best man speech before the entire crowd and I quote “I know my friend here isn’t making a mistake by marrying this lady. I have known her even before my friend did and she is just an inch away from perfection. I have been in love with her for a long time but I couldn’t approach her till my friend did. I feel sorry but, I am happy for them and I believe she will make a great wife”.

I’m In Love With My Husband’s Best Man.
I’m In Love With My Husband’s Best Man.

Oh Yeah!! I remember all he said word to word because his confidence and tone that day really made me feel loved. I asked him on one of his visits to our home while my husband was taking his shower if he really meant what he said and ‘Yeah’ was his response. He immediately added that he will never do anything to jeopardize his relationship with the friend so that love he had for me is now like that of a sister.

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Anonymous Tales

A year into my marriage, my husband became abusive and a chronic cheat. The only person that keeps me entertained is his friend. I began to love him more than my husband daily. He is a good man; I can attest to that. I opted for divorce last year and my husband acquiesced without debating it. We don’t have a child and he believes I am the cause. Before we could complete the divorce process there was another lady living with him and all that.

His friend proposed to me in October of last year after some months of us being friends while I was recovering. He has been there for me and are getting married on the 30th of this month. Can you believe that after he gave my ex-husband who happens to be his friend an invite, he is threatening our lives? Oh yeah! My husband to be was attacked and brutally beaten two weeks ago.

I’m In Love With My Husband’s Best Man.
I’m In Love With My Husband’s Best Man.

Last week, someone broke into our home and the security man got stabbed in the process, thanks to God the police was on a night patrol in our area. The person got away and the security man is still in the hospital as I write. We reported him to the police and he is rather suing us now. This guy has been on our nerves. We are even scared to move around meanwhile; he is with another woman who is even pregnant for him. What do I do?

Can you get us a good lawyer or probably suggest anything we could? I don’t want our wedding postponed because of what he is doing? Please advise me.

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