I’m In Love But Her Mother Wants To Be A Hindrance.

I’m a student and God willing I’ll be graduating very soon and start working. Already done with my national service. I’m the quiet and shy type but I’ve gotten rid of it about 60% of it I think. This genotype thing is my worry. I’ve done 3 checks so far. At 37 was SC, a private place was AS and at school was SC so I’m sort of confused and now I think I need to look for an AA girl to date and marry.

Now there’s this girl who I like in class. I gathered a lot of courage to tell her how much I feel about her and everything was cool. She loves me too and all but later she told me there’s already someone so I backed of. We still couldn’t let go of each other and she was really into me. She liked me and I liked her but because of the situation of how the other guy came into her life. She is saying she loves me but we can’t go on for long and lead to marriage all because God revealed to her mother that she’ll marry that guy. So even though we understand ourselves and really love each other we can’t be together.

I’m In Love But Her Mother Wants To Be A Hindrance.

She’s that church girl some and I admire that. But I think her mother just put that in her head because they’ve known the guy for long and her mother probably thinks it’ll be nice for her daughter to marry her.
Now I’m so in love with her and can’t get her off my mind. We’ve kissed and all that and we really love each other but just that her mindset.

I don’t know her genotype yet tho and for her, I don’t even care if it is SS but I plan on finding out soon. We have been physically apart for about a month, waiting for our final results and then graduate. These times have been hard for me. I’m ready to get her off my mind but I sort of need someone to give all the love I’m feeling to. I’m 23 and she’s 24 tho. Usually would prefer a girl younger than me but this girl has it all.
I am very confused now.. I want to get advice from you guys.

I’m In Love But Her Mother Wants To Be A Hindrance.
I’m In Love But Her Mother Wants To Be A Hindrance.

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