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I’m In An Abusive Relationship With My Girlfriend.

I’m wondering if I’m in an abusive relationship or its just an anger issue.
My girlfriend is pretty tall and thick, we’ve been together for three years. We are in love, she actually accepted my proposal because according to her, she likes slim/short guys so her kids won’t be Giants.

I love her too and we are proud of each other. We go places together and we are happy.
Right now, I’ve just one problem and that’s with the fact that she beats me black and blue if I do anything wrong. I can’t achieve anything unless she is in support. If I want sex and she’s not in the mood, I can’t force her because she’ll obviously beat me and ask me to sleep. If I want to pay her back by resisting her when she wants it, she’ll beat me up and sort of rape me and I’m beginning to hate her for that reason.

I’m In An Abusive Relationship With My Girlfriend.

If I do something wrong in public, she’ll act normal till we get home and there, she’ll beat me up. I’ve been fighting back actually, she’s just stronger than I am plus, she has a tough skin so she doesn’t really feel any pain when I punch her.
For some months now, the beating has become worse. Just because a lady sent me an SMS saying she misses me and I couldn’t explain to her ‘who’ the so called lady was, I didn’t go to work for almost a week in February, my face was swollen, she beat me up so badly. I can’t even cheat.

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She also locks me outside sometimes. I cheated on her once and she found out. When she came there that night, there was supposed to be 2 condoms but it was one so she asked where the other one was. I said I gave it to a friend but she later figured I was lying. She beat me up and locked me outside my own home till the next morning. I’m 26 and she’s 25years.
Honestly, she’s the one I want to be with. I’m so happy to have a woman with such physique as mine but right now, I am at the verge of giving up on us.

I’m In An Abusive Relationship With My Girlfriend.
I’m In An Abusive Relationship With My Girlfriend.

I haven’t ever reported or spoken to anyone about this because it’s embarrassing. Lots of people envy our relationship. People say she’s not my type and all that but she’s into me and I’m happy about that. I want to calm her. I want to do something that will make us stop fighting. We are getting married in some few months to come.

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