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I’m Having An Affair With My 16 Years Old Son.

I’m a 42 yrs old single mother of two. A boy, 16yrs and a girl that’s yet to turn 11. My boy and I started having sleeping together about 6 months ago and I’m honestly not happy with it but it seems he enjoys it more and doesn’t wish to stop. It started in December of last year when I caught him watching p0rn. He said his friend sent him the link, it’s been going on for a while according to him. As a good mother, I decided to talk to him like an adolescent.

I later asked him if he sometimes feels like doing it and he said “Yeah mom, strongly”, I sort of felt bad so I asked him if he’d feel comfortable doing it with me, he said yes and we did it.
It was his first time, I saw the joy on his face when we were done. He made me climax, he is a man now and I enjoyed it soo much too. That was my first time in six years, it’s been vibrators and artificial toys all along. So it felt good to have someone grab me.

I’m Having An Affair With My 16 Years Old Son.

That week, he cared for me and the sister even more. He didn’t disturb me much and he followed instructions. He wasn’t dull as usual. In a way, I felt right. I saw my boy differently and I was happy. I equally didn’t want him to mess his life by involving himself with the wrong girl.
I made up my mind to let him have me once a while. It wasn’t like I had a man too so I was cool.

We used to be doing it once a while but right now, it’s almost every day. My boy and I even have issues when I deny him. He refuses to eat, he could lock himself indoors and get the little sister and I worried. This is something we’ve both decided to keep from his sister but he seems to even want it at unfavourable times.

I’m Having Sex With My 16 Years Old Son.
I’m Having An Affair With My 16 Years Old Son.

My fear now is, we may not be able to stop if I don’t stop him now. This is in the first place an abomination, I’m just doing it because of the bond between us.
I’ve decided to be there for them since the demise of their father 6years ago.
I’m enjoying this too but, right now, I want to find a way to end it without becoming an enemy to my boy.

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Anonymous Tales

I’m scared, I sometimes cry. I don’t want to hurt him but if he won’t understand that we can only continue on my terms, I’ve to end it. I need your help, I need a way to handle this and still maintain a good relationship with my boy.
I wished to see you in person but, I am so ashamed of myself. Let’s do this on the Internet. Thank you.

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