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I’m Falling In Love With My 12 Years Old Student And I’m Scared.

I know this is crazy but I am in love with a twelve years old student of mine. I am a primary six teacher. I haven’t felt this way for any of my pupils before. I see them as kids normally but this very one, though young, she is well endowed and beautiful too. I am not a pedophile but I can’t control myself when I see this girl.

I tried seducing her after school one day and she resisted but told nobody, I started giving her more attention and when I tried again another time, she couldn’t resist that much and I ended up kissing, caressing her breast and rubbing her clit but I didn’t penetrate. My class is upstairs and nobody really comes around.

I keep her after school by asking her to assist in marking their assignments. This girl and I have developed some affection for each other. It’s been about seven weeks plus since we started but we have come too far. I took things pretty slow because I didn’t want no police case.

I’m Falling In Love With My 12 Years Old Student And I’m Scared.

I started by caressing and rubbing her clit then gradually to inserting the tip and now she can take the whole of my dick in just a month. She bled once but, it was little. We no longer do anything in the school since I live not too far from the school. She follows me home with some books then comes for them in the morning before going to school to avoid suspicion.

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Anonymous Tales

Now, we have sex morning and evening and I think she is enjoying it too.
I have taught for seven years and I haven’t done anything like this before. I have slept with some students though but none was a relationship or continued like the way it is with this kid. She is even the youngest but the one I love most. I am twenty-nine, started teaching right after high school till now.

I have a fiancée and we intend marrying next year (2023). I am already feeling like I shouldn’t have started this with my student but trust me, anytime I see her walk into the class, the only feeling I get is ‘sex’. I love her moans, her innocence, her smile and even her tears. Sometimes when she is crying during sex and I ask her if I should stop, she says ‘no’, I ask why and she says ‘its sweet’.

That feeling makes me nuts, it makes me just want to hit harder. I don’t want to face any shame, I am scared I may get caught one day, trend shamefully on the media and get jailed. I am afraid this could cost me my life, freedom and even my relationship yet, I can’t stop. I no longer punish her. Though she is not the smartest, she does all the works in the class.

I’m Falling In Love With My 12 Years Old Student And I’m Scared.
I’m Falling In Love With My 12 Years Old Student And I’m Scared.

Good news is, she has improved academically over the last one month. She said she is studying hard so she could be helping me with the marking of their assignments to make my work easier since I complained of stress. I think she is already in love with me and is working on keeping me. She doesn’t want to leave when she comes to my place, I sometimes have to send her away because I don’t want people around to be thinking I kept my young student in my room till evening. I am trying to play my card well but she is making it difficult for me already.

I’m Falling In Love With My 12 Years Old Student And I’m Scared.
I’m Falling In Love With My 12 Years Old Student And I’m Scared.

I love this kid and wish she is of age. I just love how she shows her affection. Funny but sweet. She is really sweet in the middle too, you have no idea! I get this “catch them young and they will forever be yours” feeling when I think of quitting. I need your advice, I need someone to talk to me without being sarcastic or involving the police, that’s why I have sent you this anonymously. I will be reading comments. Thank you.

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