I’m Afraid To Love And Accept Him

So basically I am just a confused young lady. We are both doing our national service at the same company and same office. That’s where we met. I don’t know how exactly it happened but I really like him badly. I don’t know if it’s love yet because I didn’t want to accept my feelings in the beginning but now it’s undeniably true I am very much attracted to him.

Like I said, we work together. We have the vibe and he is soo cool. At the beginning I got attracted to him physically because he had all the physical characteristics I wanted in my man. Then his character and personality drew me closer to him because he had a very good spirit and a truthful person.

We are both single and we flirt all the time. It started as an attraction and then it became an unending flirting which led to a crazy obsession. I grew past that and matured in my feelings for him that now I genuinely care about him. Onetime, I was having a conversation with him where I was telling him about my crush which he didn’t know he was the one. He also said same and even mentioned my name as the crush.

I’m Afraid To Love And Accept Him

My name is common so I didn’t take that to heart because I didn’t want to lead myself on. There had been many instances after that where he made me feel he also liked me. In fact, I know he likes me. But how bad he likes me is what I don’t know. I always tell myself to ignore the signs because I am afraid of getting hurt and I want him to come tell me his feelings on his own.

I keep praying to God for a sign to know if I am misleading myself. This is because what I feel for him gets deeper each time I spend with him. Just today, I always believed he was just 3 months older than me. I found out he is actually 2 years younger than me although he doesn’t look like it. Now my mind is telling me that this is the sign but every other part of me doesn’t want to agree with this. I like this guy and maybe he does too. I am just confused and anxious. Please advice me what to do because the anxiety is killing me.

I’m Afraid To Love And Accept Him
I’m Afraid To Love And Accept Him

I want to stay away from him but it’s not possible because we go to work together, return together and work together. Please don’t say I should tell him about my feelings because that will never be an option for me. Please advice. I am 24 and he is 22.

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