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I’m A 19 Years Old Girl Already In 3 Active Relationships.

I’m a girl of 19 years of age and I have 3 boyfriends.

So the first one is a teacher. He taught me way back in SHS. He wasn’t my favorite teacher because though he knew perfectly I can’t answer a question but he will ask me and when I will get it wrong he’lol hit me at my back. I hated him for that.
So when I got into form three, he always sends my friend and I to buy food and bring it to his office. He started giving me money each week. I always shared it with my friend though.
He haven’t expressed his interest in me yet and looking at his personality he can’t do such thing so I thought he just like me as a student. Days went by and he kept on increasing the money he gives me.

And you all know every student needs money right? It was finally time for us to write our final exam and I was so scared I might fail because i wasn’t really a clever student. I told him about it and he said I shouldn’t worry at all because he’ll help me in everything and during the wassce he really did help me. He sometimes takes risk to come to the examination hall to help me and sometimes pays money to some teachers to help.
Yet still hasn’t told me anything. So everything was successful. After all my papers I went to say goodbye to him at his office.
So when I went there he then started telling me all his feelings for me and added that he wanted me to complete school before telling me. I wasn’t surprised because all what he was doing for my friend and I showed clearly that he wanted something in return. He then asked me to be his girlfriend. I couldn’t say no so I accepted it.
He gave me 200gh and 100gh to my friend for transportation I said good bye to him and then left.

I’m A 19 Years Old Girl Already In 3 Active Relationships. I Need Help.

When I came home I had problems with my phone and he sent me money for a new one. Now he sends me money every month and mind you I haven’t visited him before ever since I completed School.
We’ve met twice at a restaurant and talked. He doesn’t stress me too. He’s waiting for me to complete university so that he will marry me. My mom knows him not as my boyfriend but my good shs teacher.

With the second giy, I was in the same class with him. We started dating when we began writing the wassce exam. This guy has loved me since form one and I gave him the chance at the last minute. He is cool and a lot people criticized that after school I’m going to dump him because he personally knows I was too good for him and that always scared him. But I gave him the assurance that I’m never leaving him, even after school.
He then trusted me and gave me all his heart. Lucky for us we are both in Kumasi so we met once after shs. We are cool. His dad and mum knows me very well.

He’s kinda broke though. I sometimes sends him money because he doesn’t work. I really like him though. My mom too knows him as my shs friend
We’ve both made plans for the future too. Planning on going to the university this year and then continue with whatever it is. I don’t know what will happen to him when he finds out he’s not the only one.

I’m A 19 Years Old Girl Already In 3 Active Relationships. I Need Help.

The third guy is also a good guy. He deals with import and export of gold so he’s financially stable. And he takes very good care of me. He gives me money all the time because he’s so into me. He has promised me an iPhone12pro max next month. Actually he’s the only person I’ve had sex with so far. I don’t really like him though but I can see he really loves me.

And I have this my ex who broke my heart some time ago buh he apologized to me not long ago and I told him I have a new boyfriend and he also said he has a girlfriend. We were friends for sometime and then he came to tell me his girlfriend has dumped him. I consoled him and told him I left my boyfriend too because I still love him buh didn’t want to be in a relationship with him again.
Right now he thinks I’m single and is looking forward for us to be together again.

He always tell me I’m his only hope right now and I’ve made him think I love him soo much too
We always talk on the phone for hours
And tell each other about everything going on in our lives

I’m A 19 Years Old Girl Already In 3 Active Relationships.
I’m A 19 Years Old Girl Already In 3 Active Relationships. I Need Help.

So right now my problem is I don’t know what to do with all of them. And I can’t let them find out too. I need a serious advice here and not insults please, we all make mistakes.
I feel so uncomfortable for doing this so I decided to share my story.

NB: I’m not from a poor family. My dad is outside the country and my mom has a wholesale shop of provisions at Adum.
I can’t leave the teacher because he has really helped me a lot. I don’t want to pay him back like that. It’ll appear like I’m ungrateful.

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And I can’t leave Rozay too because he’s going to be so broken and very disappointed in me. Even his friends are going tease him so much. You know boys.
He even stopped talking to his best friend because of me all because he spoke ill of me to him. I can’t even imagine the harm it will cause to him after finding out.

I’m A 19 Years Old Girl Already In 3 Active Relationships. I Need Help.
I’m A 19 Years Old Girl Already In 3 Active Relationships.

The third guy too is good to me and looking at the promises, damn I can’t miss this.

My ex too trust me very much. He thinks I’m still the loyal and good girl he used to be in love with but see what I’ve turned into.

I just don’t know what to do again.

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