I Want To Punish Her By Releasing Her Private Contents.

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In the very month(February) she came on campus, she wanted me to reset the default PIN for her School MIS portable for her new one,so she was going to the bathroom and I was doing it for her on her phone, so the OTG message was sent to her SMS inbox, the first time I went to her inbox and she had so many unread messages so I was going through them and I saw one message which read like… DID YOU BUY THE DRUG? I was shocked that she was sick and she didn’t inform me so that same number has texted her again as THANKS FOR THE FOOD I’M ENJOYING IT and she also replied THANKS BBY EAT ALL OOO from here I couldn’t control myself so I screamed to ask her how come she was sick and she didn’t tell me and which drug is this guy asking her if she bought it.

Initially she said she is not sick but upon realizing I have her phone she said some small headaches that’s why she didn’t tell me but I shouldn’t worry she’s okay now. But upon going through another set of messages, I found out that, there had been a guy who came to her hostel to lay her and he was asking her to get postinor 2. My heart!!! Somebody has eaten my food!!!! This is the very first month at school ooo. She apologized and told me it wouldn’t happen again. But that guy wasn’t the only person!!! I couldn’t leave her hostel that night because I was heartbroken and wanted to know more so slept over that night but couldn’t sleep so I woke up at midnight and went through her WhatsApp to know more about what the guy did, who is he and how come he got the chance to lay her so soon.

I Want To Punish Her By Releasing Her Private Contents.

It would have been better I consoled myself that night and slept because the things i saw was mind boggling. The girl i took and treated as an Angel was a demon herself. This girl is not cheating on me but rather she is cheating on her ex with me!!!! Can you imagine!!? Let me explain this further.

The guy I saw her sms with came 3rd weekend of February because I was with her on the first weekend, and her so-called ex came to the hostel on the 4th week!!! And she had sex with all of us!! JEZOZ!!!! So in the morning, I wasn’t myself at all!!!
I sat her down and told her about everything I have seen and if she doesn’t love me anymore she should just tell me, I will be her friend and support her in school as i’ve always done because after all she came to GIMPA because of me.

And she goes like it not what I’m thinking but she loves me more than her ex and the other guy is just a friend. How can you give yourself to your friend? She couldn’t answer!!!! And to her ex, it’s because of the way it ended up she feels guilty and thinks she owes the guy so I should give her some time she’ll let him go!!! But the other guy is nothing to her and can tell him not to come to her again. The other guy is at level 400 at UG and her ex, according to my sister is a waiter and a club attendance at one of these nightclubs in Accra.

I Want To Punish Her By Releasing Her Private Contents.
I Want To Punish Her By Releasing Her Private Contents.

That was February now March is here, I went to school but the class was cancelled so I got to spend time with her at the hostel and I slept over. Now I don’t trust her but for the love l have for her i still sticked around. I told my sister and my sister came to her hostel to talk to her and even told her she will lose her friendship if he continues to cheat on her brother. For my sister’s intervention and the kind of love I have for this girl, I wanted to give her time to change but this time around with an Eagle eye like Anas… Lol.

So I went to her WhatsApp again and at this point, I realized this girl is not ready to change. We are in March and her ex has been there to lay her!!! This time around she told her ex to send her the videos to her on snap!!!! Goosh they video the act as well!!!?? I rush to snap and ‘Oyiwa’ nudes. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! This time around I have died and resurrected like 12x. Something I’m trying hard to heal from? Not even a month same thing repeating? With nudes sharing and all that? I forwarded all the nudes some from the UG guy and her ex to my phone.

So when daybreak and ask her so what are those nudes doing on her phone? Why should she have sex and film it? Why should she allow that guy to take her nude pics and videos while the guy’s ‘stick’ is covered and not you?.. From here, she has gotten to know our journey has gotten to an end!!! So now he began to raise her voice fake to be angry and goes like why did I intrude on her privacy? Why should I go through her snap and all sort of questions?… And I told her she should just go to her bin and delete them from her bin that’s where I saw them so next time she should be smart enough.

I Want To Punish Her By Releasing Her Private Contents.

But this time I have the nudes on my phone so on 9th April, I called her and was like I’m coming to her so is she at the hostel? She said no she has to escort her mate to a Bday party so she isn’t there and doesn’t know when she is coming back so I shouldn’t come. But I can feel she’s lying and the ex was there with her to sort things out. I knew it but I didn’t bother myself to go there.

Monday, 11th April, I remember this date very well because this is the day she told me we should break up, I thought it was a joke but this girl was serious, despite all that she is doing. I didn’t ask for a breakup but she did. It breaks my heart and I couldn’t understand till now.
So I call her and she was like she’s tired of me, I’m always talking about unnecessary things and giving her pressure, I forgot she told me she needed space when my sister came in to talk to her, I have allowed my sister to talk to her anyhow. I didn’t mind because I was deeply in love with the beauty in her face, she was pretty and her butt, too much and she was very very good in bed!!!

After this considerable broken heart I have gotten before my sister is now coming to tell me how she ended up having a baby without a father. She said that’s what she has been doing even at SHS, she can’t be with one man at a time so I should just let her go but she thought she has changed because from the start when she told my sister she is now dating me my sister was very angry but she told her she is a changed person and won’t repeat her mistakes that’s why my sister didn’t advise me about her but encouraged me rather.

I messaged and told her she has paid me im wickedness with all the good things I did for her, the time I sacrifice, the ups and downs I went through to get her the admission even though I didn’t pay the fees but I brought her everything she needed which she couldn’t ask her dad. But in the end, she took me like a fool so I have her nudes and I gonna post them on social media and tag his dad since his dad is a public figure!!!!

I Want To Punish Her By Releasing Her Private Contents.
I Want To Punish Her By Releasing Her Private Contents.

Come and see calls. Someone who doesn’t reply my messages and calls. Wow, now my turn to ignore her calls but I couldn’t do it when it was on the 6th missed call I picked and she said she was about to commit suicide. Huh? If I post it she will jump from the last floor to downstairs she is already at the top there. So I calmed her down and call the A.T who is my friend to go and assist. Even that was a prank and she know certainly that I can not do it and she was also just fooling me.

Fast forward to cutting certain interesting parts such as a clinic Dr. proposing to her in the school and buying her stuff love messages and all that. I can’t go further on it because I didn’t know that one ended up!!

I Want To Punish Her By Releasing Her Private Contents.

My problem here is that I’m at level 300 now and anytime I get to campus my heart skips a beat and i can not concentrate in class anymore because her hostel is just opposite my class and I always pass by her hostel to my class. I still have nudes and periodically something keeps on telling me to post them as planned earlier but I can’t do this to her, I still care about her and love her so much no matter what!!!! Please I need some advice. Thanks

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