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I Want To Foil The Plans Of My Sugar Mummy Traveling Abroad.

I started teaching these two kids whose dad is currently abroad working. I have been teaching them for the past four years and their dad travelled two years ago leaving them and their mother. The woman and I started having an affair just about five months after the man left.

She doesn’t seem bothered about the fact that she is cheating on her husband. Last time I asked her, she said her husband is equally having an affair. I am enjoying my relationship with her to be honest. Money hasn’t been my headache in a long time. She is really doing a great job. The kids are set to write WASSCE and BECE this year and when they both do, the entire family will move to join their father in the states.

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The man texts me frequently to ask about the kids’ educational needs and check their academic progress. The woman is managing their businesses here in Ghana so I am more like the one in charge of the kid’s education. I go to their school, pay their fees and buy their books. He also pays me monthly via momo. I am really enjoying from this family. I make Ghc3000.00 or more from this man alone monthly.

I Want To Foil The Plans Of My Sugar Mummy Traveling Abroad.
I Want To Foil The Plans Of My Sugar Mummy Traveling Abroad.

The wife also gives me cash and I only have to dig her well. I have started two projects already. I am really doing well and I wish to continue this way for a while.
My fear now is the idea of them moving out of the country after November this year. That is what the man wants but again, he has asked me if or not it is advisable the little one, the one writing BECE joins or he should also finish SHS first.

Honestly, I know the best thing to do is for them both to go and continue their education abroad but, I want to tell him to take only the older one and leave the younger to also finish SHS first. My reason is, I want to keep the woman and also continue teaching the girl for a while. It’s not like I am being evil ooooo but, the country is hard. I am young and ambitious. I just want to use this opportunity wisely.

The woman has promised to give me her car before she leaves but, I can earn more than that car if I am able to keep them for the next three years. I am set to marry next year, my fiancée doesn’t know this is what earns me money but, she is happy with my progress. I am happy too. I didn’t imagine achieving these much at twenty-five.

I Want To Foil The Plans Of My Sugar Mummy Traveling Abroad.
I Want To Foil The Plans Of My Sugar Mummy Traveling Abroad.

I don’t want anyone insulting me, we are all opportunists in this country. I am not the first man to sleep with a married woman who wants to be slept with. If I am not doing it, I am sure someone else would have been doing it by now. The only advice I want is if or not I should tell the man to take both kids away. That will mean the woman leaving too plus, I won’t get to receive anything from the man again probably. I am not ready to lose like that.

The woman said she will be coming from time to time if they should go because they would have to come check how their businesses are doing but I don’t think it’ll work. She also said she will talk to her husband to make me the supervisor of their businesses since the man believes in me. I feel all these promises are just to keep me till they leave. She will probably dump me or may not even be giving me anymore cash. What do I do? I want someone who reasons like myself to share their honest thoughts with me.

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