I Want To Break Up With Her Because She Deserves Better.

I love her but i want to break up with her because she deserves better.

I have been with my girlfriend for almost 2 years now. It hasn’t been a rosy ride, but, so far so good. We have had our ups and downs just like every relationship. I met her in my final year, and I must say she has really been supportive in all aspects. Currently doing my NSS while still looking for job. I never wish to finish and come stay home. She on the other side is a pupil teacher, and you can imagine how much she earns. I share the little I get when I have it, and she also supports me when she can. As things stands now, I know she loves me and I equally love her BUT, I feel she deserves more.

She’s 30 and i’m 32. Life has not been easy with me so I’m a little behind and it seems similar on her side too. My problem is in as much as my girlfriend does not complain or demand from me I still feel I should let her go. I have these instincts that she deserves better. Girls at her age usually think of settling down anytime soon or have somebody who provides for them. They plan on settling down in a year or two, but it’s not like that on my side. I’m currently perching with friends, I call them the “boys”. We 4 in a room, and find it difficult to have 3sqr meals a day.

I Want To Break Up With Her Because She Deserves Better.

Aside the NSS, I do personal classes so I can depend on that until the allowance is paid. My girlfriend is understandable, patient and doesn’t demand anything from me. Once a while she tells me about what a colleague or friend of hers has. Be it the lady’s wig or the latest phones. She’s a fan of iphone and wishes I can buy her one, but i am currently using infinix. I told her to relax until things get better. Her phone was spoilt by the time I met her, so I fixed my abandoned samsung for her. It also broke down some few months to her birthday.

I couldnt get her a phone so according to her, she told her cousin and the cousin got her infinix smart phone. She do listens but then once a while she’ll bring up the topic of somebody having something, she doesn’t necessarily say she wants it, but deep down I know she would love to. Just yesterday she told me about a neighbour they have on their compound gave her Crocs and that he uses 2 iphones, immediately she raised that topic, I knew where it was going. It saddens my heart that due to my situation I can’t buy her the fancy things she wishes for and yet she is ready to wait.

I don’t know how long she can wait and I don’t know how long it would take me to marry her, and she’s not getting any younger too. The thought of these things saddens my heart and brings tears in my eyes. I really love her and want to make it so she can enjoy all she has spent on me, but I don’t know WHEN!. Wish to let her go so I can hustle to make money, even though I don’t know how she’s gonna take it, whether she will understand or not.

I Want To Break Up With Her Because She Deserves Better.
I Want To Break Up With Her Because She Deserves Better.

I just need an advise on what to do. Should I still hold on and keep pushing or I should let her understand she needs somebody better, who can take good care of her since i amnot in that capacity currently? I love her and wish the best for her.

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