I Want My Stick Long And Thick But His Is The Opposite.

I’m a beautiful chubby independent woman in my mid 20s currently dating a Man in his mid 30s and we are both planning to settle down before this year runs out.
I’m financially responsible and i want the best for myself and future kids. I and my Man share same future goals as we are both planning to give our future kids dual citizenship and the best.

He works with Dangote refinery as a Chemical engineer while i work in a 5star hospitality industry as a Sous chef and i also have a side business that fetch me money…
We are relocating to the states after our traditional and court wedding, white will be done there as he’s also going for his Phd he has gotten admission already.

During the early stage of our relationship i told my Man no sex until marriage and he was in support which i never expected. But asked if we could cuddle and kiss i laughed cause i was joking to see his reactions.
We were both having a discussion about the marriage plans, engagement and traveling then we started talking about number of kids and sex.

I Want My Stick Long And Thick But His Is The Opposite.
I Want My Stick Long And Thick But His Is The Opposite.

My man always want to know about my Kind of man to see if he stands a chance. Honestly speaking i love tall chubby or average chubby guys (80-90)kg but my man is slim and tall. I told him this from the first day he asked me out and he kept telling me that he’s going to add when we get married but that is not the issue, the issue is that i love thick d!ck from 5 to 6inches or 7 but my Man dick is just long 6.3inches and very thin. If it was short and thick i don’t mind I just don’t feel his d!ck.
I’m sexually active and enjoys big d!ck but he is not sexually active and i don’t want to cheat in the future.

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Anonymous Tales

I’m asking to know if sex does matters cause this man is ready to go extra mile for me as he already registered in the gym started doing exercises to make it thick, eat healthy and drugs to get it thick I don’t know if it will work or side effects.

I love this man but I’m scared sex might be a big problem on the long run. My man has not met any woman for the past 9years and his drive for sex is Zero due to a secret only i and his father knows about which happened 9years ago ( i will like to keep it a secret pardon me).

I Want My Stick Long And Thick But His Is The Opposite.
I Want My Stick Long And Thick But His Is The Opposite.

I’m supposed to be happy but opposite is the case right now. Should i worry about his sex life? I believe everyone has choices and tastes when it comes to choosing a life partner. I will be on the comment section for your advices and opinion, please matured minds only.

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