I Want An Excuse To Break Up With My Girlfriend.

Don’t know if am expecting too much from my woman or is normal but i want an excuse to break up with my girlfriend. I have been with this girl since 2019. I am a real time hustler who have done different jobs to help my self and my woman. She passed her final exams so she had admission to study in KNUST. The parents broke up and the mum moved to her hometown that’s were she lives now.

Fast forward, this girl started school and since she isn’t getting any support from both parents, she turned to me for everything. It was really difficult and I almost broke up with her because it was too much but I never gave up on her.

I was there for her 24/7. Really cared and loved her, but the little mistake I do thus the little misunderstanding we have she will just tell me we should breakup. I need to apologize so many times before she forgives me. I became really disturbed about that behavior. It’s a long distance relationship. She now stays in Kumasi but visits once in a while. At times I get so horny that I find it soo hard to control my self but still I try to control my feelings.

Excuse to break up with my girlfriend

I recently started my own business and trust me joining my whole profit for the month I earn about Gh2000-2800 monthly. I sometimes get more than that. Recently I visited an old friend and we were chatting, laughing and making noise in the room. His dad just entered to tell us to let our voice come down. Never knew the guys dad was a herbalist. He saw me and smiled and spoke to his son in ewe. My friend told translated what his father said to me telling me my woman has really changed at were she is now. She’s now with a different guy over there and trust me I was really down when the man said that.

I was really hurt but tried to control my self. I bought a new sim, went offline for some time just to forget about her for sometime. Came back online and pretended everything was ok. I’ve got no evidence about what the man said but sent her a voice note telling her to move on. She talked so much I mean a lot that made me tell her to Forget about everything for us to move on. Now we are very cool. I still love her but trust me am looking for a way to do something for her to say we should breakup but nothing is working. I have done everything but still.

Excuse to break up with my girlfriend
Excuse to break up with my girlfriend

I feel like moving on. Guys she’s very calm, respectful, beautiful got all the shape almost all the guys are chasing her. I used to trust her but i don’t anymore. She posted me on my birthday but I was the only one viewing. I questioned her but so many lies. Right now she called that she’s visiting this week. I feel like going through her phone when she drops just to get an evidence of what the man said so I use that to break up with her. Can’t just let her kill my dreams.

I really love her but I think because so many guys are after her she feels she can get any better person. I’ve really done my best for her. Even her own friend told me she wants to take me away from her because she doesn’t deserve me.

What do u guys think?

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