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I Took Advantage Of Our Closeness And Now I Am Loosing Her.

So theres this one girl we actually work together in the same office.
So fast forward we started feeling each other like i was feeling her more but she was the first person to make advances at the beginning.
Like i dont really know if it was advances she was making though but she sometimes puts her head on my lap and be pulling my hairs, likes touching me mostly when i bring her home and stuffs.

So like i wasn’t paying attention then because i had a lot on my mind and it came to a point she stopped making those noticeable advances towards me but i took it cool.
But still the friendship was there and all that till the extent that we became like besties like i don’t know what besties supposed to do anyway but i think we became so.

I Took Advantage Of Our Closeness And Now I Am Loosing Her.

She would tell me all about her past. How she met her first love and all those things, even how good she was in bed and a whole lot about her past.
So my time came for me to make my approach and one night, i sent her home. Unfortunately, there was light out so she said i should wait so she takes a bath. When she was coming back from the bath house into her room, i stood up and held her waist and pulled her towards me ready for a kiss.

And she was like i should wait so i stopped and just left her house for home. She called me and was like what had i wanted to do and told me it wasn’t good for business so i should hope and pray that one of us gets transferred to another branch then she will be cool with that.
Fast forward, we’ve been on such hope for quiet sometime now but nothing really happened. Recently i sent her home again in similar situation and this time the light came on before she got back and whiles she was dressing in her room, i pounced on her naked and decided to take advantage off her but during the process felt remorsed so i left her place.

I Took Advantage Of Our Closeness And Now I Am Loosing Her.
I Took Advantage Of Our Closeness And Now I Am Loosing Her.

Now the problem here is, we back to work the following day but i can’t even watch her in the face and all that though i texted her to forgive me what I’ve done which she said she has but just that she will know how to handle me henceforth. She went on to ask if she looked attractive to me or i decide to take that closeness as an advantage.

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Anonymous Tales

Guys help me on how to win her heart back as a freind at least and leave all those things behind.
All insults are welcomed too.

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