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I Took Advantage Of Her Situation And Now It’s Eating Me Up

So I have a very good friend who is in the US. We have been ‘bros’ since childhood. He joined his dad some years ago. Somewhere 2018 he introduced a very beautiful girl to me as his girl. The girl was not up there with him tho, she was in the same country as I am. I had to keep her company a lot of time because my friend was yet settling in the country. We spoke a lot because she didn’t have much friends.

Fast forward about 3-4 months of dating my friend, he starts to accuse her of cheating with her Ex. The girl cried a lot and I was the only person she could turn to since she had no friends. My friend dumped her and through that period I was the only person there for her. We became very close and we spoke about everything we could think of. From food, relationships, the future and even sex and it positions.

I Took Advantage Of Her Situation And Now It’s Eating Me Up

I visited her one day due to a promise I made. She was very happy. She was very opened that she was just in a panty and a huge male’s shirt. I tried very much to control myself but it wasn’t enough. We ended up having series of se.x. I left and I apologized because I felt like I took advantage of her situation.

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She visited me 2 weeks later and it happened again. This time it was worse than the first time. We had se.x throughout the night and even in the morning. Had se.x till I couldn’t ‘come’ anymore. We continue with our se.xual escapades for a year and a half. We had s.ex the slightest chance we get. Even in a public transport. It was fun and adventurous tho. We broke it off when she told me she wanted a relationship which I was not ready for because I was kinda scared of commitment.

I Took Advantage Of Her Situation And Now It’s Eating Me Up
I Took Advantage Of Her Situation And Now It’s Eating Me Up

Now my problem is. She has started talking to my friend and are about getting back together because my friend really talk to me. He will be coming back to the country this Christmas and I really feel guilty. I don’t know weather I should tell my friend about it or not. Because it’s really eating me up. How would I look at my friend with that girl when he comes to the country.

Please help me

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