I Thought The Love Would Build But It Seems I’ve No ’Cement’.

I am a 27 year old professional teacher. I completed tertiary 3 years ago. I have dated this young guy for three years and I love him soooooo much. He has also completed university for about 4 years with no employment.

We were very cool together. We have shared alot of memories together. His parents know me and they really love me. I never had issues with him until November 2021 when I asked him to come and see my parents and do the traditional knocking because the pressure coming from my mum to get married and leave her house was unbearable.

The response my boyfriend gave me didn’t really convince me and that was the turning point of our relationship. From that incidence we were really not talking to each other although the love was there.

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About a month ago, I got married to a stranger and i am few weeks pregnant. I am not happy in this marriage and this is no fault of my husband. My husband is a very caring and responsible young man. He loves me with his all. My husband and I got to know each other on Facebook which developed into phone calls and the next month we were already getting married.

I Thought The Love Would Build But It Seems I’ve No ’Cement’.

He took care of all the wedding expenses from traditional marriage ,to refreshment to court.he did everything without a penny from me or any family member.

I think I have made a great mistake in accepting this marriage proposal because I didn’t get enough time to develop love for him. Before accepting his proposal, I talked with a few friends that I don’t have any feelings for him and all of them encouraged me to accept him. Some said” so far as he can take care of you, you are good to go,” “love is developed so once you are in you are going to love him”. You are getting no younger etc

I Thought The Love Would Build But It Seems I’ve No ’Cement’.
I Thought The Love Would Build But It Seems I’ve No ’Cement’.

But no, things are not working like what they said. I don’t love my husband. I have tried to love him but it jxt not possible and it saddens me that am going to spend the rest of my life with him.

Here I am instead of being happy that am married, am always crying and thinking of how to go back to my boyfriend. He is the only person I can love, he is the only person I can be compatible with. He is the only person that I planned my future with. He is the only person I see when I look into my future.

I don’t understand why I allowed myself to succumb to all the pressure coming from my family at the expense of my own happiness. I should have waited a little longer for what and who I really love.

Sometimes I feel like commiting suicide because I know I will never be happy again in my own life. My husband knows about the depression am going through. I have disclosed my
feelings to him and HE IS EXTREMELY DISTURBED.

My boyfriend on the other hand knows am married and he is not willing to take me back.

Please I Need Urgent Advise Else I May Do As I Have Planned.

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