I Thought She Was A Prayer Warrior Until This Happened…

I met this lady on campus then we became friends. We got closer and I got to know she has some financial difficulties so I decided to help by sending her money for provisions and sometimes when I cook I call her to come enjoy some. She had my momo password and all. Then one day I took her phone whiles she was sleeping and saw that she’s been hanging out with this particular guy after she tells me she’s going to sleep. Mind you we aren’t in the same hostel. I confronted her and she got really pissed and didn’t talk to me the whole day. I had to apologise to her. She came to lay me. ‘Sofo maame’ riding ‘cassava’.

I found out she was not a virgin and asked her why she lied about not being a virgin and she said she was forcefully laid by her first guy. Mind you she’s a singer and prayer warrior so you think that of her. I later found out that she went to see another guy that morning to get her mind off me but couldn’t. Here’s my problem…

I Thought She Was A Prayer Warrior Until This Happened

We vacated and she went for a camp and came to tell me we should break up. I asked her why and she said her pastor found out she had sex so she should break up with that guy “why didn’t he see when she broke her virginity and was chopping her first” I accepted. She called me some weeks that she was sorry for saying all those things to me and she wants me back. I said okay because I loved her so much.

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One day she told me her friend told her to come for a new phone (IPhone 8 plus used with a crack screen ). I grew suspicious to how a guy would give her an iphone for free just like that. We reopened and I got to get her phone. I just wanted to go to Snapchat and get some of her new pictures. Wait for it …
To my surprise I found pictures of her half naked with the guy who gave her the phone also naked on the bed. I nearly collapsed. All this while the guy didn’t force sex on her.

I traced the date to a week before she broke up with me with the story about her pastor. I confronted her and she got angry again and I got pissed too then she started crying and told me she’s been sleeping with the guy on several occasions and even during church services she leaves after singing just to sleep with him. The guy too is not handsome than me or something just that he’s been sending her money but I’m confused because he sends like 10 % of the money I give her and I’m nicer than him to top it.

I Thought She Was A Prayer Warrior Until This Happened…
I Thought She Was A Prayer Warrior Until This Happened

I give her all my attention, my all. I give her everything but it wasn’t enough. Please I’m asking, what did I do wrong?

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