I Think 2 Girls Are Setting A Trap For Me And I Like it.

Something nice is cooking inside my house. I’m a male nurse inside Kasoa. I recently moved to a new place. I’m the only tenant in the house. The landlord and his wife have their own bathroom while I share the other bathroom with their two daughters (let’s call them Ama & Efya). I guess their ages would be around 20(Ama) & 26(Efya). These girls don’t know me oo. I was taking my bath peacefully just last night around 10pm then I heard a knock. Before I could respond, the door was already opening. Ama (the younger one) boldly walked into the bathroom.

I gasped in shock and covered my ‘cassava’ with the sponge. I wanted to say something but I couldn’t find my voice. She said “Braa Kwaku, please let me join you before my water cools down”. She dropped her bucket of warm water, turned around and unwrapped her towel. Seniors, I won’t lie but the girl has body. She started pouring water on herself. I was still rooted to my original spot. She went about her bathing process as she was unbothered by my presence. I finally managed to put myself together except that my ‘cassava’ was charged now. I turned my back at her and quickly opened the shower to wash down the soap. I didn’t say anything to her.

I Think 2 Girls Are Setting A Trap For Me And I Like it.

Stepping outside with my towel around my waist, I nearly bumped into Efya (older girl) who was also opening the door from the outside. She said, “sorry I thought Ama was the one in there”. I didn’t know what to say so I nodded and walked past her. I noticed she wasn’t looking at my face, her eyes were fixed on my standing dick. I turned my head when I got to the end of the corridor to see if she went inside the bathroom and yes she had gone in. Damn!! She (Efya) is the one I’ve been crushing on since I came into the house. But now that she’s seen me like this, I guess my hopes are shattered. I got to my room and paced around reflecting on the what had just happened. How could she just decide to come inside like that. Didn’t she not have any iota of shame in her? Was it planned out or its a mere coincidence? I was asking myself.

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A while later, I was on the phone talking to one of my paddies about the issue then I heard a knock on my door. I opened up and it was Efya. She was only covered in a towel with water still dripping on her body. We were both standing there looking at each other. She broke the silence by asking me to let her inside. I stood aside and she came in. Inside my head, I was like “Today be Today”. I went to sit on the bed while she stood by the Sofa. She sat down and asked me why I’m looking so tensed. I didn’t answer that question. Then she continued to say that Ama has told her about what she did and that it’s fine so I shouldn’t worry about anything. Then she got up and left my room, just like that.

I Think 2 Girls Are Setting A Trap For Me And I Like it.
I Think 2 Girls Are Setting A Trap For Me And I Like it.

Now, it’s past 1pm but I’m still lying down thinking. The words Efya used keeps echoing in my head. “It’s fine, I shouldn’t worry about anything”. I can’t forget how hot she was looking wearing only that towel either. All along I thought she was going to drop the towel at some point but silly me, she had only come to talk. But why was she in a towel. Hmmm, I definitely think there’s a bigger agenda to this move. But my worry is, what if it’s all a trap? Because this issue looking to over me. What do you suggest I do guys?

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