I terribly regret marrying my wife – Man rants on Twitter

A Nigerian man, identified as Kadiri, has ranted on Twitter that he terribly regretted marry his wife.

In a rant via his account on micro-blogging platform, he said that every thing about his wife is fake.

The man made the revelation in response to a relationship coach, Joe, about married people.

“Is your own marriage one of the best decisions you made in your life? If you come back to this world, will you love to be married again?”

“And to the same partner? Please be kind to respond honestly.”

However, Khadiri said that if he has a chance to come to this world again, he will still get married but not to his current wife.

He failed to give indepth reasons or explain what she did that made him bare his heart out.

The man responded, “I terribly regret marrying my current wife. Everything about her is fake and I won’t dare marry her again if I come back to this world. Of course I would love to marry if I come back to this world again”. See the post below:

Social media users expressed their thoughts as they took to his comment section. Some reactions are shown below:

@miiiiiiiiiilyyy said, “Lots of real girls out there but you men will prefer the ones with fake assets. You want her this, you want her that… Blah blah blah. Making marriage look scary”.

@Enebeli02 said, “Have you read the beautiful ones? We have lot of good marriage, people don’t share them because they are scared”.

@ph_tailorgirl said, “Wait. Why are you still with her if you’re not happy?”

@Jhydo_flamez said, “I once dated a girl for over one year, she ll take permission from me before going out, go to church , behaved homely and responsible, the first week after we broke up, she posted a video of herself on whatsap , dancing in the club and smoking shisha, i was wowed 🤣🤣”.

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