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“I pay the kids school fees and yet my ex is demanding for spousal support” Korra Obidi cries out (Video)

Things keep getting messier between Korra Obidi and her ex-husband, Justin Dean, as her estranged husband is now demanding spousal support.

The mother of two took to her Facebook page where she broke down in tears over the unending drama.

Korra stated that she tried believing in peaceful co-parenting, but her mindset has been changed. She claimed that her husband is demanding spousal support from her.

According to her, her lawyer reached out to her, to alert her of his move. Korra lamented over how she has been taking care of the kids, paying for school fees and health insurance without a contribution from her ex.

The dancer added that Justin had asked for full custody of the kids but was denied.

“Then he asked for the full custody but now he is asking for spousal support. I was going to not talk about this but it is not ending. I have been paying 1800 on school fees and health insurance and he hasn’t contributed anything.

I got a call from my attorney that he is asking for spousal support and for my children to be taken away from me.

Co-parenting in peace is a lie, this isn’t what co-parenting in peace looks like”.

Korra Obidi cries out

It is a tough time for dancer and all-round entertainer Korra Obidi as she tries to navigate co-parenting with her estranged husband

Korra cried out for help over ploys to take her daughters away from her. Taking to social media, Korra Obidi claimed that they were trying to take away her kids from her.

According to her, they were trying to control her life through her kids. Korra revealed that someone sent her a mail asking her to dress up or end up losing her daughters.

Expressing her frustration, Korra said,

“I can’t believe someone says they’ll take the children away from me because I am not wearing cloth. She sent me an email saying ‘Korra Korra they are going to take your children from you because you aren’t wearing clothes. They are trying to use these children to try and control me. So if I wear clothes now they wouldn’t take my children. Ehhhhhhh”.

Korra Obidi laments

In a previous post, Korra Obidi had lamented some of the consequences of divorce. The dancer and her estranged husband, Justin Dean, have been on social media war since their separation.

Korra cried out that her children had been taken away for some days now, leaving her broken.

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