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I Love My Woman But This Other Lady Is Giving Me Greenlights.

I’ve been dating this beautiful lady over 5 years now hoping to marry her after school. She’s a damsel and every guys dream girl. Though I’ve messed up a number of times (i.e. only flirting with other gils and not having sex around) she forgave me every time.
This is where the story gets interesting, I’m into thick girls (gelatinous thighs and ass, side rolls and succulent boobs)if you know what I mean😉 and also a very strong SAPIOSEXUAL (of a person finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing), now you see why I said my girlfriend is every guys dream.

I Love My Woman But This Other Lady Is Giving Me Greenlights.

I recently met this lady who isn’t anything like my lady, yet I find myself lurking in her DM.
It all started when my Male friend got in to a fight with his girlfriend who happens to be friends with the lady I met (let’s name her Q). Both of them ie. My Male friend’s girlfriend (let’s name her “R”)and her friend (Q) came to me one night I was sitting outside. I could tell from first glance that “R” was sad I say this because she’s always cheerful, so I asked what the matter was and she told me everything and asked for my advice of which I gave her. NB// all that while, Q was listening and also contributing to the conversation.

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Fast forward, we exchanged contact and we started texting, the more we texted the more I liked and loved texting her. Simply put it this way, she’s smart, eloquent, intelligent, reasonable, open minded and pretty. She has these eyes, when she looks right into your eyes and speaks, you would wish she never stopped looking at you. The issue here is, she doesn’t have the physical qualities I look out for in a lady. She is slim yet pretty.

I Love My Woman But This Other Lady Is Giving Me Greenlights.
I Love My Woman But This Other Lady Is Giving Me Greenlights.

She’s told me she likes my vibe and we sometimes talk dirty but other times she’s like “… are dating and bla bla bla…..”
She’s open minded to spend the weekend with me, yet she acts out as though we were sworn enemies. She’s damn naughty!!!
The problem now is I love my lady to the sky and back and frankly speaking I don’t want to have anything to do with Q.

Please I need your advice, would be waiting at the comment section.

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