I Love My Girlfriend But Her Sister Is Also Tempting Me.

I am guy in my early 20’s living here in Accra and I have been here since I was born.
I got the chance to work immediately after completing my service. While doing my service I came in contact with this woman. She’s in her late 20’s. Everything happened like a joke, she was in the company where I did my service and she was not even looking my way through out the 1 year I did my service at that company. It was during our last month of service that she started talking to me. It wasn’t that much, it was just the normal questions like where do I stay and all that. To be frank I was very happy because I was getting confused since everyone at the work place was cool with me except her. She’s beautiful and won’t even mind you so I was really worried.

I was home one Saturday afternoon and received a call from one unknown number so I picked and ask who it was and it was the woman. I didn’t even need to ask how she got my contact because it wasn’t necessary at that point. Normally at the work place our names and contacts are posted at the particular office you’re working incase of emergencies.
She asked how am doing then I made her know am good and just home then the conversation started from there. We were on the call for like 4 hours.

The next Monday I got to work I said hi and she responded. Felt really good.
We couldn’t talk much at work but on phone and later we continued with video calls.
She made me understand I look like her boyfriend who passed away and that was her reason for not talking to me all this while. To her, every time she sees me at work she became frightened and I understood her.

I Love My Girlfriend But Her Sister Is Also Tempting Me.

She later asked if I was dating and truly I was not so I told her so. This lady lives alone at Ashongman estate but she has a kid sister who is 19yrs and she normally comes to her house to stay over for some time then go back to their parents house
She made me visit her. We had talked about so many things so it already felt like we know each other.
Last last I didn’t go back home that night, she said she needed some company and see I couldn’t resist it. This woman is really beautiful so I stayed over and was at the hall watching television till she finished bathing, came to the hall and sat with me for while and later said she wants to go inside and get some rest and if i’m done watching the television, I can come and check up on her.
There is this show called “big brother naija” and that was the show I was watching and it was my first time so when she was even sitting beside me me, she explained the whole show to me.

So around 1am thereabout I decided to check if she’s good. I got to her door and knocked but unknowingly, i missed her door and the rooms were upstairs. I knocked on her kid sisters door instead of hers and she was dancing nakedt in front of a camera so i immediately closed the door.

Few minutes later, she came out and asked why and I explained I was walking to her Sister’s room not her’s apologized too. She showed me her sister’s room and told me anything I saw should be a secret. Said her boyfriend has been worrying her to send her nudez to him and she’s been denying but the guy has stopped picking her calls so she spoke to him and she decided to do it. She knows I saw her do it that so i shouldn’t tell her sister then I told her not to worry I won’t tell anyone.
I got to her sisters door and knocked but she wouldn’t open. She was deeply asleep by then and her kid sister had left back to her room.

I Love My Girlfriend But Her Sister Is Also Tempting Me.

Since I knocked and she didn’t open I went back to the hall, sat there for a while then I saw her kid sister coming downstairs. Asking me so many questions. She even added that, now that i’ve seen her nakedtness, i means I have laid her. She left to her room and later came back nakedt and according her to pick something at exactly where I was sitting. I was so surprised and shocked at the same time because something like this is rare for me to see.

She started touching me. I was not interested and I told her if she doesn’t stop, I will report her to her sister so she got angry and stopped and threatened to let her big sister know I made advances towards her and nearly raped her. I got a little tense because it’s was my first time at their house so I just left her at the hall to knock again at her Sister’s door, I opened it and later realize she didn’t lock it but guest what she was nakedt sleeping. Now i was confused whether to go in or go back to the hall where her kid sister is still there nakedt. So I just had to enter her room and I liked her so I was happy entering.

After I got in, I stood there for a while admiring her body. She changed her sleeping position so I got shocked and taught she’s already a wake so I covered her with the blanket while I sat in a chair in the room. I sat there for while till she woke up. She woke up and was walking nakedt to the washroom and the chair faces the mirror so when she got closer to the washroom door which is close to where the mirror area is when she realized i’m sitting in the chair but I was on my phone.

I Love My Girlfriend But Her Sister Is Also Tempting Me.
I Love My Girlfriend But Her Sister Is Also Tempting Me.

So she went like “hey when did you come, in a shocking way and later covered her self”. I apologized and she was cool and not really pissed with me. She went to the washroom and came back to lie down while I was still sitting. She asked if I was comfortable in the sit and I said yes. Then she added that I can come and lie beside her if my back hurts. I was happy so I held on while then later joined her.

Come and see me sleeping at the far end of the bed. She laughed and asked me to come closer because I can fall so I did. We’ve had lots of conversations on things we’ve already planned to do but this one was not part. We’re both on the bed looking at each other’s face and the next thing, we were kissing. I really fked this woman and yeah, I have a big Dk. Since that day she doesn’t joke with me. I go there to spend days, weeks, and months. Her kid sister has been tormenting my life. She sneaks on me nakedt when I am bathing. Well I don’t know how she does it because she only does this when her sister is not around. I love her sister so much and I won’t cheat on her with her sister because she’s a woman.

Now her kid sister is saying she will tell her sister I tried raping which is not true. I managed to record her one time while she was saying it and even played it to her. She has stopped it but my issue now is.

I Love My Girlfriend But Her Sister Is Also Tempting Me.
I Love My Girlfriend But Her Sister Is Also Tempting Me.

The lady went to her parents to tell them she has found someone. Made the mistake of making them know she’s older than me. Now her parents are saying there is no way she can marry me. I’m 24 and she is 29 and I don’t think this should be a problem. I really love this woman. I crushed on her for a whole year during my national service and I can’t let her go. She’s been crying and she’s losing weight too. I left her place but I had to come and be with her because she’s not eating anymore. Ever since I came here, she’s eating now and we still having s*x. She made me cume inside her and she wants to carry my baby. I am confused if her parents will accept it.

Her kid sister is still tempting me. She shows up on me either nakedt or half nakedt. I’m confused because I love her so much.

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