I Love Him; But I Am Scared I May Not Be Able Tolerate His Stammer.

I need you to advice on this please.
I am in love with a very short guy. When I say short, I mean he has the height of a ten-year-old. He stammers too and the worst part of it is, he is the kind of guy that hits you when stammering.

It’s painful sometimes. He can’t complete a simple statement without hitting me. I find it difficult to engage in a conversation with him because at the end of the day, I will be in pains.
Apart from these things, he is a very nice and kind person. He has always made sure I am ok.

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He is an average guy, not too rich nor poor. He is having what it takes to make us comfortable. Talking of sex, he does a great job. I enjoy the way he makes me feel in bed. We have been together for a year and half; I don’t remember us quarreling over another guy or lady. He has tried his best to be faithful and so have I.

I Love Him; But I Am Scared I May Not Be Able Tolerate His Stammer.
But I Am Scared I May Not Be Able Tolerate His Stammer.

The problem I am having now is this; This guy wants to take me to see my parents this year so we can settle down. I know marriage is one thing every lady craves for this days. I want marriage too but I am afraid this might be a wrong move.

Despite the fact that I love him, I am not too proud of him as my man. I am often shy when we are in public and he has to stammer for everyone to notice before he says something. I feel awkward when we are together. I often intervene, I like to do the talking on his behalf because I don’t want him to disgrace me.

This too is making me feel like I am intimidating him. He might not say it but he is a man hence, may have ego. I hate us outside home though I am not the indoor type. I can’t afford to have my man hitting me or someone else every second because he wants to speak.

The way people even look at me sometimes puts me off. This guy has equally sacrificed a lot for us. He has tried his best and I don’t want to hurt him. Marriage is a life-long journey. I don’t want the situation where I would have to opt for a divorce in the future because I can no more tolerate him.

I Love Him; But I Am Scared I May Not Be Able Tolerate His Stammer.
But I Am Scared I May Not Be Able Tolerate His Stammer.

It gets boring as we go forward. I remember when we went out on Christmas eve, a waitress came to take our order and he had to hit the waitress on the shoulder about three times before he asks him if they had mere Smirnoff. Everyone turned to look at us as he kept hitting him and stammering.

I couldn’t even enjoy myself as I intended and had to ask that we go home at some point. It hurts because he doesn’t even pay attention to my reaction when these things are happening. It doesn’t even occur to him that people are watching. He is crazy!

I need your opinions please. Should I go on and marry him or I should quit this now? I love him but I am scared at some point, I may not be able to tolerate all these (his height and the stammering plus the hitting). I don’t want to be a home breaker. I want my peace please.

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