I Love Her But She Thinks I Have A Different Agenda.

I met a certain lady when I was in Jhs. She was my classmate, we weren’t that close and she wasn’t a cordial friend of mine although I was dating her friend.

And i had a close male friend who talked to me about my girlfriend’s friend and about how good she was because my male friend knew the girl and stayed with her in the same community

I broke up with my girl in the Jhs because her mom was my class teacher. She was stressing me with questions whenever we had lessons and I didn’t like that so we broke up partly because of that. Because of that I stopped school when we were going Jhs 3 and stayed home.

When I stopped I came home to hustle and got some money. During the graduation of the JHS 3 students I went there to show off and rain some money in a white Elantra Car 2013 model.

Some Years later, I also got some girl at a certain girls school ( kumasi girls snr high ) and found out that the lady i wasn’t in talking terms with also go to that same school (kumasi girls snr high )

I Love Her But She Thinks I Have A Different Agenda.
I Love Her But She Thinks I Have A Different Agenda.

I described the girl I was schooling in Jhs to my current girl and funny and interesting enough she knew her because they were in the same boarding house. I asked my current shs girl and she told me that this girl is a very good girl and In school she is like the teachers pet they all are fond of her.
And still I was crushing on her and I didn’t know how to communicate it to her since I was in a relationship and also since I didn’t express my feelings much to her way back.

So when my girl completed shs, she moved away.
As she moved away I found out she cheated and we broke things up and I explained it to my crush and she was like amazed. I decided that my next relationship will be with my crush from shs, so I went to our Jhs old school group and got her number and we started chatting as friends and vibing small small.

Now we really started to chat and checking up on each other on a daily basis so I decided to shoot my shot and I told her I have liked her since jhs , but she thought I was not serious.

I Love Her But She Thinks I Have A Different Agenda.

So I was showing care and love towards this lady and we could talk about anything about past relationships, family, school and a lot of discussion very deep that I wasn’t able to share with anyone.

So I was pushing my luck I tried to visit her even at her home but she always don’t want to see me and always say she is not around.

Whenever I try to get her to visit me too I wasn’t successful as she didn’t really like that idea

Time passed and my interest in her was waning although we kept communicating but my interest was fading away gradually.

So I tried my last attempt and this time she didn’t say a No as usual although she didn’t say a Yes but this time around I’m glad she gave me a green light. Her answer was positive as she said she wanted to be ok financially before she headed into a relationship but I persuaded her and she accepted to try out a relationship with me but before she will accept my proposal unless she met me in person first before she can make any decision but due to some personal stuffs i don’t wanna meet her soon because i know something might happen.

I Love Her But She Thinks I Have A Different Agenda.

This girl inform me plain that her instinct always tell her that i want to just lay her and not anything serious like dating. I understand that fact but i want to ask is it always true about what our instinct tell us.

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I invited her again to my crib and this time she was willing to come. I didn’t want her to feel that I only had lust in my heart for her so I told her whenever she felt the time was right and not pressured. I am also lost because one time she posted a picture and I flirted with her a bit on the pic but she got mad, since then I haven’t been okay as I feel a bit of tension between us and she has been calling and texting me a lot but I’m not responding to her due to what she said to me that I’m literally getting her pissed of me.

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